Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode Page


Activate the Coming soon (Maintenance) Mode to redirect visitors to a specific page while you work on your site. This plugin allows you to create a landing page that informs your visitors that your site is under construction, whether you call it Coming Soon, Under Construction, or Maintenance Mode.

Easily enable or disable Coming Soon (Maintenance) Mode with a click. Activating the Coming Soon (Maintenance) Mode will redirect unauthorized visitors to a personalized page. You can craft your page using Gutenberg Blocks/Patterns or your favourite page builder with complete flexibility and all the features available for creating any WordPress page. We recommend including a message, countdown timer, subscription form, contact form, and social media icons to create a better landing page for your under-construction page.

The plugin is handy when you are developing a new blog or site, or working on updates and maintenance for an existing site. Redirecting visitors to a specially designed page will ensure a smooth user experience. You can explain the changes and let visitors know when they can expect the site to be fully operational again.

Inbuilt Patterns for Quick Setup

The ‘Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode Page’ plugin comes with a collection of inbuilt Gutenberg Block Patterns that users can easily apply for a quick setup.

Locating and Inserting Patterns

  • Access the Block Editor: Open the page or post where you want to use a pattern. Click the “Add Block” button (+) or the “+” sign in the top left corner of the block editor.

  • Switch to the Patterns Tab: In the block inserter window, click the “Patterns” tab. This displays all available patterns.

  • Coming Soon and Maintenance: Within the Patterns tab, find the category labelled “Coming Soon and Maintenance.” This categorization ensures a quick and efficient search for the patterns tailored to your needs.

  • Insert a Pattern: Click on one of the patterns to insert it directly into your edit content area.

  • Modify as Needed: The inserted pattern serves as a starter template. Customize it effortlessly to align with your specific requirements. Modify text, colours, and any other elements to ensure your Coming Soon or Maintenance Mode page reflects your unique style.


  • Enable or disable Coming Soon (Maintenance) Mode with a simple click.
  • Redirect unauthorized visitors to a specific page of your choice.
  • Design your page using Gutenberg Blocks/Patterns or your preferred page builder.
  • Utilize the full flexibility and features of WordPress page creation for your Maintenance Page.
  • Allow search bots during maintenance mode.
  • Remove all plugin settings when deactivating.

عکس‌های صفحه

  • Dashboard – Getting started
  • Dashboard – Settings
  • Dashboard – Settings – General
  • Dashboard – Settings – Advanced
  • Edit page – Patterns
  • Edit page – Patterns selection
  • Edit page – Customize pattern
  • Coming soon, maintenance or under construction page


There are two ways to install the plugin:

  1. Upload the plugin’s zip file via Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New -> “Upload Plugin”.
  2. Extract the plugin folder and place it in the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory.

After installation, activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

سوالات متداول

How can I design the Coming Soon Page?

Designing the Coming Soon Page is simple, much like creating any other WordPress page or landing page. Utilize the flexibility of Gutenberg Blocks/Patterns and other page builders to effortlessly craft a visually appealing and engaging Coming Soon Page.

How can I customize the Coming Soon or Maintenance Mode page?

You can easily customize the page using the blocks/patterns provided by Gutenberg or your preferred page builder.

How can I redirect all pages to the home URL during maintenance?

Temporarily set your maintenance page as the homepage by navigating to WordPress Dashboard -> Settings -> Reading -> Homepage.

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