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Popup Like box

With the help of this amazing plugin you can promote your Facebook page and add number of Likes , which is very important today. When someone visits your website, plugin opens popup box with your facebook page likebox. It has many types of parameters, which make it multifunctional and useful. You can choose the page of your website in which popup box will be shown –
Home Page
All Pages
All Posts

Also it’s possible to choose how frequent likebox will be appeared for the same website visitor. User can configure dimensions of likebox with choosing width and height from backend. It has auto close ability duration of which must be chosen by you. Also we give you possibility to give interesting subject for likebox, which will make your likebox more attractive.


Along with the above-mentioned, there’s another bunch of things you can do with Facebook Popup Like box. Let’s find out what else you have at your disposal!

  • It’s up to you to decide whether to enable your popup for guests and/or for logged-in users. Guests are those who don’t have a WordPress account on your website.
  • If you enable the option named Hide Click to action button, buttons named something like Shop Now or Call Now will not appear on the popup box.
  • Easily control the popup showing frequency. Have your popup shown only once or specify how often it should appear in minutes. For instance, you can show your popup likebox once a day by giving a 1440 value to the option.
  • Apply an overlay effect that will cover the screen, making the popup more visible.
  • It’s possible to close the popup by pressing the ESC key on the keyboard.
  • With the help of the Delay option, decide how many milliseconds later the likebox should pop up after your page loads.
  • Control how much your users need to scroll down the page to see the likebox. For this purpose, the Show after scroll from top option will come in useful.

Style options

Take advantage of the most useful style options on offer! Give importance to in-detail and attention-grabbing design. Set border-radius for the container corners, choose a font for the popup text, and many more. You can also set box show and hide effects out of 30 animation effects available! Or else, you can enter your Custom CSS code if you have relevant skills.

WHy choose us

We guarantee your delightful experience with our Facebook likebox plugin. You need to know that it’s constantly updated to meet your needs.
Contact us, get FREE SUPPORT


  • Style options
  • Responsive design
  • Hide Click To Action
  • Select pages
  • Delay
  • Scroll from top
  • Enable for logged in users
  • Enable for guests
  • Hide likebox on mobile
  • Show only once
  • Live preview

PRO Features

  • Popup position
  • Restrict by OS
  • Restrict by browser
  • Limit by country
  • Schedule popup
  • More on the way …

Don’t forget, in case of any problems or upcoming questions feel free to contact us via e-mail info@ays-pro.com.

* Afrikaans
* Arabic
* Azerbaijani
* Belarusian
* Bulgarian
* Bengali
* Bosnian
* Catalan
* Czech
* Cebuano
* Welsh
* Danish
* German
* Greek
* English (UK)
* English (Pirate)
* English (Upside Down)
* English (US)
* Esperanto
* Spanish
* Spanish
* Estonian
* Basque
* Persian
* Finnish
* Faroese
* French(Canada)
* French(France)
* Frisian
* Irish
* Galician
* Guarani
* Hebrew
* Hindi
* Croatian
* Hungarian
* Armenian
* Indonesian
* Icelandic
* Italian
* Japanese
* Javanese
* Georgian
* Khmer
* Kannada
* Korean
* Kurdish
* Latin
* Lithuanian
* Latvian
* Macedonian
* Malayalam
* Malay
* Norwegian(bokmal)
* Nepali
* Dutch
* Norwegian(nynorsk)
* Punjabi
* Polish
* Pashto
* Portuguese(Brazil)
* Portuguese(Portugal)
* Romanian
* Russian
* Sinhala
* Slovak
* Slovenian
* Albanian
* Serbian
* Swedish
* Swahili
* Tamil
* Telugu
* Thai
* Filipino
* Turkish
* Ukrainian
* Urdu
* Vietnamese
* Simplified Chinese (China)
* Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong)
* Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)

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عکس‌های صفحه

  • Facebook popup likebox – front end preview in action
  • Facebook popup likebox – dashboard preview in action
  • Facebook popup likebox – front end preview
  • Facebook popup likebox – front end preview
  • Facebook popup likebox – dashboard settings
  • Facebook popup likebox – dashboard settings


Thank you for your interest in Ays Facebook Popup Likebox.
There are two ways to install Ays Facebook Popup Likebox: the easy way, when you install the Likebox from your WordPress dashboard, and the second not so easy way, when you install it from WordPress.org.
From your WordPress Dashboard
1) Visit Plugins > Add New.
2) Search for Ays Facebook Popup Likebox.
3) Activate Ays Facebook Popup Likebox from your Plugins page.
4) Visit Settings > Ays Facebook Popup Likebox.

From WordPress.org
1) Download Ays Facebook Popup Likebox.
2) Upload the ays-facebook-popup-likebox.zip content directory to your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory, using your favorite method (ftp, sftp, scp, etc…).
3) Activate Ays Facebook Popup Likebox from your Plugins page.
Once activated configure any options as desired and you can enjoy our Ays Facebook Popup Likebox.

نقد و بررسی‌ها

3 سپتامبر 2016
Hi. I get premium version of this plugin and it’s really great: it brought me dozens of new fans every day since I’ve been using it.It works perfect and using is very simple. Thanks to the developers!
خواندن تمامی 4 نقد و بررسی‌

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گزارش تغییرات


  • Improved: Styles on the admin dashboard
  • Tested: Compatible up to 6.5.2


  • Fixed: Security issue on the admin dashboard
  • Tested: Compatible up to 6.4.3


  • Changed: The banner style on the admin dashboard


  • Fixed: Style issues on the admin dashboard
  • Tested: Compatible up to 6.4.1


  • Improved: Styles on the admin dashboard
  • Tested: Compatible up to 6.3


  • Fixed: Style issues on admin dashboard
  • Tested: Compatible up to 6.2


  • Fixed: Style issues on admin dashboard
  • Updated: POT and Po files
  • Tested: Compatible up to 6.1


  • Added: Box shadow option
  • Fixed: Style issues on admin dashboard
  • Tested: Compatible up to: 6.0.2


  • Added: Close popup by clicking outside the open box option
  • Changed: Enable/Disable PopupBox styles


  • Added: Popup title text shadow option on styles tab


  • Added: Hide timer option


  • Added: Documentation button on the admin dashboard
  • Changed: The banner style on the admin dashboard
  • Tested: Compatible up to 6.0


  • Added: Border style option
  • Tested: Compatible up to 5.9.3


  • Fixed: Code correction on the admin dashboard
  • Tested: Compatible up to 5.9.1


  • Tested: Compatible up to 5.9
  • Updated: POT and Po files


  • Fixed: JS problem on the admin dashboard


  • Fixed: CSS problem on the admin dashboard


  • Fixed: Some issues on the admin dashboard


  • Tested: Compatible up to 5.8.2
  • Updated: POT file
  • Fixed: JavaScript problem on the admin dashboard


  • Added: Loader while clicking on the Save button


  • Added: Search Functionality on the List Page
  • Added: Ctrl+S saving combination option
  • Tested: Compatible up to 5.8


  • Added: Hide close button option
  • Fixed: SQL query problem on the admin dashboard
  • Updated: POT file


  • Added: Ask a question icon
  • Tested: Compatible up to 5.7.2
  • Updated: POT file


  • Fixed: Some CSS issues on the admin dashboard


  • Changed: Default screen option values in list tables
  • Fixed: JS and CSS files connecting in dashboard


  • Tested: Compatible up to 5.6


  • Fixed: Style Conflict with “SMSAlert – WooCommerce” Plugin
  • Fixed: Notice font-size issue


  • Added: Enable overlay option


  • Added: Font Family option
  • Fixed: JQuery Migrate Helper Conflict
  • Updated: Custom Css option


  • Tested: Compatible up to: 5.5.1
  • Added: Close FB Popup Likebox by pressing ESC option


  • Tested: Compatible up to: 5.5


  • Added: Show descripiton option


  • Added: Title and Description font-size option


  • Added: Upgrade function when deactivating
  • Fixed: Screen options confirmation issue for Likeboxes list table
  • Changed: Publish / Unpublish Buttons
  • Updated: PRO features price list


  • Added: Quick unpublish/publish linke in the list table
  • Added: Background Image option
  • Fixed: Live preview box issue in admin dashboard
  • Fixed: Some style bugs in live preview
  • Updated: POT file
  • Tested: Compatible up to 5.4.2


  • Added: Show LikeBox only once option
  • Fixed: Some style bugs in front-end
  • Updated: POT and PO files


  • Fixed: Click to go back issue in Chrome


  • Added: Hide LikeBox on mobile option


  • Fixed: Show promoter every ‘X’ minutes option issue
  • Fixed: JavaScript error in front-end


  • Added: PopupBox max-width for mobile option
  • Fixed: Show after scroll from top and Auto close per seconds options conflict
  • Tested: Compatible up to: 5.4.1


  • Maked: Plugin translatable
  • Updated: POT file


  • Added: New option Enabled for logged users
  • Added: New option Enabled for guests
  • Tested: Compatible up to: 5.4


  • Fixed: Delay and auto close options conflict


  • Added: Custom class for Popup Likebox container option
  • Fixed: JavaScript error in dashboard
  • Fixed: Some small bugs in dashboard


  • Added: Settings tab in dashboard and transfer options


  • Added: Show title option


  • Added: Option for choosing Current language


  • Fixed: Database error issue
  • Tested: Compatible up to: 5.3.2


  • Added: New option language


  • Tested: Compatible up to: 5.3


  • Fixed: Bounce out left effect issue
  • Fixed: Bounce in left effect issue


  • Added: Show promoter minutes option


  • Fixed: PHP version and WordPress version conflict
  • Tested: Compatible up to: 5.2.2


  • Tested: Compatible up to: 5.2.1


  • Tested: Compatible up to: 5.1


  • Tested: Compatible up to: 5.0.3
  • Fixed: Some Front-end bugs
  • Fixed: Autoclose timeout if 0
  • Added: “Apply” button for new likeboxes


  • Tested: Compatible up to: 5.0


  • Fixed: Some issues in dashboard
  • Added: Tooltips for all fields
  • Updated: POT file


  • Fixed: Admin dashboard issues
  • Added: Show only selected pages option
  • Added: Hide click to action button option
  • Added: LikeBox open delay option
  • Added: LikeBox open after scroll from top option
  • Added: LikeBox border color option
  • Added: LikeBox text color option
  • Added: LikeBox border size option
  • Added: LikeBox border radius option
  • Added: LikeBox open animation effects
  • Added: LikeBox close animation effects
  • Added: LikeBox live preview for styles in admin dashboard


  • Fixed: Front-end issues


  • Updated: Admin dashboard design
  • Fixed: LikeBox display issue
  • Fixed: Activation issue


  • Updated: Admin dashboard
  • Added: LikeBox additional saving button
  • Added: LikeBox apply button


  • Fixed: Admin dashboard issues
  • Added: LikeBox additional saving button
  • Added: LikeBox apply button


  • Fixed: Issue connected with shortcode
  • Fixed: Options save issue


  • Fixed: Admin dashboard issues


  • Fixed: Activation issue


  • Added: Animation option for popup box animated show


  • Added: Option show in all pages
  • Fixed: Uninstall issue


  • Fixed: Plugin update issue
  • Fixed: Plugin dashboard bug


  • Added: Multi popup ability
  • Updated: Dashboard design


  • Make plugin translatable
  • Added: Russian Language Support
  • Added: enable/disable option


  • Added: Modal box background color property
  • Tested: Compatible up to: 4.9.7


  • Global update: Optimized code, improved security


  • Added: Responsive design for all devices
  • Tested: Compatible up to: 4.9.6


  • Tested: Compatible up to: 4.9.4


  • Added: close on overlaid click


  • Edited: bug connected with close button and auto close


  • Added: New effects for showing and hiding likebox
  • Tested: Compatible up to: 4.5.3


  • Added: Show only WP logged in users option


  • Added: Likebox slide view feature


  • Fixed css bug
  • Added swing effect for modal window


  • Added box slide effect


  • Added effect selection default or fadeIn/fadeOut


  • Added interval parameter


  • Added timer text option


  • Added page assignment (Pro)
  • Added descriptions for labels ( Pro & Free )
  • Tested in WP 4.5


  • Added: Simple widget for facebook likebox
    Drag and Drop
    The image will be downloaded