Bayarcash WooCommerce


Bayarcash is an online payment platform for Malaysians that supports FPX and Direct Debit payment channels.

How it works

This plugin will connect to our endpoint for secure processing between Banks in Malaysia.

Please visit our website for terms of use and privacy policy or email to for any questions and inquiries.


  • One-off payment via FPX
  • Weekly & monthly recurring payment via Direct Debit. Deduction happen automatic directly via bank account (flat rate fees).
  • Support multiple Bayarcash account per website
  • Shariah-compliance payment gateway

Register as Bayarcash merchant here


To use Bayarcash WooCommerce requires minimum:

  • PHP 7.4
  • WordPress 5.6
  • WooCommerce Plugin

عکس‌های صفحه

  • Bayarcash general setting page. Insert your account PAT & portal key. Tick Enable to enable Bayarcash as your WooCommerce gateway.
  • Bayarcash selection as payment gateway at checkout page.
  • Order notes info at order page.


Make sure that you already have WooCommerce plugin installed and activated.

  1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Go to Plugins > Add New
  3. Search Bayarcash WC and click Install
  4. Activate the plugin through the Plugins screen in WordPress

سوالات متداول

Where can I register as Bayarcash merchant?

You can register as merchant here. We accept organisation that has active SSM certificate, ROS for non-governmental organization (NGO), state-certified for madrasah & sekolah tahfiz and yayasan.

What does it mean by shariah-compliance payment gateway?

Please note that in order for us to comply with our shariah-compliance policy, we do not support organisation involved in:

  • The production or sale of pork, alcohol and alcohol-related activities, non-halal food and beverages, tobacco product (including e-cigarettes), drug paraphernalia, pornography, guns, and other arms
  • Gaming and betting
  • Shariah non-compliant entertainment
  • Conventional insurance
  • Jihadist or terrorist activities
  • Fraud and corruption organization

Click here to view shariah-certificate endorsement by our official advisor Dr. Zaharuddin Abd Rahman from Elzar Shariah Solutions & Advisory.

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گزارش تغییرات


  • Refactoring and code improvements.


  • Prevent the plugin from accidentally changing the order status that has already been paid (like on hold, processing, completed, etc) back to failed after the requery process to Bayarcash Console.
  • Add parameter raw_website containing order data to the transaction request form.


  • Add security measure to ensure request received from server is not tampered


  • Comment out cron status logger to reduce WC log verbosity
  • Add prefix BC_WooCommerce_FPX to file names and class names
  • Change cron implementation to execute in actionable class instance instead of relying on http request triggers
  • Update plugin identifier as bayarcash instead of generic fpx
  • Optimize cron re-query by only only querying orders that have pending status, payment_method of bayarcash/fpx with return result limit capped at 30 orders
  • Fix access non-existent method get_transaction_order_no() to get_order_no()


  • Fix order note for normal callback return, mapped buyer name correctly


  • Fix re-query order status update respond mapping from


  • Handle other payment response that is obtain when user complete the purchase-payment cycle correctly
  • Split database handler for different responses


  • Fix missing variable argument on method and invocation


  • Add if WC Order Status Manager Plugin active use plugin order status def.
  • Refactor check_exchange_no_can_be_add into separate operations
  • Remove JS limit checkout button clicks code


  • Prevent abnormal fpx_transaction_exchange_number from being to stored
  • Add js implementation to prevent user from multiple requests to server
  • If order status already pending don’t add transaction exchange number


  • Fix unpaid transaction redirect back to success thank you page


  • Fix Transaction ID not saved to wp_postmeta, add wc logger


  • Add comments and DocBlock


  • Filter server order info, only updated previous selected order statuses

    The order statuses are :

    • pending
    • canceled


  • Add FPX Response Sanitizer,Validator,better order no duplicate handling


  • Remove hardcode set order to processing status when success pay


  • Change object property mapping to get correct order no


  • Change cron interval to 5 minutes
  • Fix add duplicated order notes
  • Update DocBlock
  • Add GPL-3.0-or-later license reference


  • Fix variable fpx_output_data_primary to use the latest output returned from the payment portal.
  • Remove trailing comma at Authorization: Bearer array.
  • Remove payment type description at both back-end and front-end.
  • Fix duplicate missing data detection, this->portal_key at the back-end. The 1st should detect missing bearer token, and the 2nd should detect missing Payment Portal key.
  • Remove Cancel button at the checkout page after buyer confirm choosing FPX, add auto-click features to the submit button, and immediately display the page loader while contacting the Payment Portal.
  • Add customizable payment channel title and payment channel description.


  • Replace parameter s3a with RefNo for more user friendly submission request.
  • Add parameter payment_gateway = 1 to the transaction request form.
  • Re-order parameters for order payment transaction data comparison between the payment portal and shopping cart.


  • Replace combination of FPX Payment Portal Auth User and Auth Password with Bearer Token for Payment Portal user authentication.
  • Update API_client_version to v2.0.0
  • Add ‘Accept: application/json’ and ‘Authorization: Bearer ‘ .$bearer_token to cURL request for communication to the payment portal.


  • Initial release.