This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Caldera Forms CiviCRM


The Caldera Forms CiviCRM plugin contains a set of form processors that interact with CiviCRM’s API to retrieve, create and update data in CiviCRM. With this plugin, you can create responsive forms that expose CiviCRM fields and entities like Activities, Relationships, Tags, Groups and more.


This plugin requires a minimum of CiviCRM 4.6 although the latest version is recommended, and Caldera Forms 1.8.1.

Plugin Development

This plugin is in active development. For feature requests and bug reports (or if you’re a plugin author and want to contribute) please visit the plugin’s GitHub repository.


  1. Extract the plugin archive
  2. Upload plugin files to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

نقد و بررسی‌ها

26 مارس 2020
This plugin is easy to use and because it enables us to use Caldera Forms with Civi, it is very powerful!!
28 ژوئن 2019
I have been using this plugin via GitHub for quite some time and am happy to see it on Having the ability to integrate our CRM data with Forms by Caldera is indispensable. The plugin is well coded and the developer has been responsive to fixing issues and adding features. I cannot say enough good things about this.
خواندن تمامی 2 نقد و بررسی‌

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Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.

گزارش تغییرات


  • Refactored CiviDiscount integration to also support Membership discounts, and Contribution Page based (contribution) discount using this branch (pending, submit PR upstream)
  • CiviDiscounts are now tracked
  • Discount field – added feedback messages when applying a discount code
  • Fix – nasty bug/error where exisiting contact_sub_type would be duplicated
  • Fix – prevention of multiple option fields overriding selected options based on index
  • Fix – contact custom file field throwing duplicate file error (because it was attempting to create it twice :/)
  • Added support for Advanced File Upload 2.0
  • Added Registered By ID participant field
  • Added Country and State/Province as conditional options
  • Added ‘cfc_contact_processor_pre_render_form’ filter
  • Added ‘cfc_participant_before_create_params’ filter
  • Minor fixes


  • Added ‘cfc_contact_pre_processor_return’ filter
  • Fix – ‘missing case_id’ when dismiss same case type is enabled
  • Groups processor adds contacts to groups at ‘processor’ stage instead of ‘pre_processor’
  • Added Case Manager field (useful when the Case Manager is not the Case Creator)
  • Added support for related contacts auto-population using the Relationship processor


  • Published to WP plugin directory, text domain has changed from ‘caldera-forms-civicrm’ to ‘cf-civicrm’
  • Added ‘cfc_participant_pre_processor_config’ filter
  • Added ‘cfc_participant_pre_processor_event_config’ filter
  • Added ‘cfc_participant_processor_config_template_before_link’ action
  • Added ‘cfc_participant_pre_processor_return’ filter
  • Participant processor can handle multiple registrations for the same contact through the added hooks
  • Fix – Re-registration based on ‘Allow same participant email’
  • Date pickers auto-population respects the date format, thanks @kirk-circle
  • Added ‘cfc_membership_pre_processor_config’ filter
  • Added ‘cfc_membership_pre_processor_return’ filter
  • Added ‘cfc_membership_processor_config_template_before_link’ action
  • Added Campaign field for Membership processor
  • Fix – Auto-population checkbox ignored, the form would always be autopopulated with the current user data
  • Case processor now supports custom fields, and custom fields autopopulation/presets
  • Contact Reference can be mapped for Organization Name
  • FIX – jQuery could not be defined breaking processor templates
  • Added ‘cfc_case_processor_case_create’ action
  • Added ‘cfc_case_pre_processor_return’ filter
  • Added ‘cfc_case_processor_config_template_before_link’ action


  • Added Participant processor for free and paid events
  • Price sets improvements
  • Tax support
  • CiviDiscount integration for Participant registration and option based discounts (if extension is enabled)
  • Discount field for CiviDiscount integration (if extension is enabled)
  • Added support for Premium and a Premium field
  • Autopopulate options are now available to use a field or processor conditionals
  • Line Item processor now supports multiple choices options (ie checkbox type price field)
  • Support free entry amounts (ie Civi’s Other Amount) for Memberships and Participants
  • Other minor improvements


  • Bug fixes
  • Added option to submit empty/blank values for Address entity
  • Moved scripts and styles to it’s own Assets class
  • Added $helper property as a replacement for CiviCRM_Caldera_Forms_Helper static methods and properties
  • Moved Bulk insert/presets and Autopopulate options to their own classes
  • Fixed usability issue in #61
  • Contact Reference custom field (with option to add new Organization)
  • Membership processor (for paid and free Memberships)
  • Order processor to process Contributions for Donations and Memberships (to process live transactions a payment add-on is needed see it currently integrates with the Stripe and add-ons)
  • Line Item processor (adds Line Items to Contributions through the Order processor)
  • Added pluggable template after ajax submission (the idea is to serve as a replacement for Civi’s Thank you page)


  • Fix to prevent select2 conflicts if different vesions are present
  • Added Activity Target, Source, and Assignee fields as select2 widgets (entityRef-like field)
  • Show CiviCRM API errors in form
  • Added Contribution processor (code contributed by Agileware) needs documentation
  • Added Case Id magic tag (code contributed by Agileware)


  • Added support for CiviCRM file uploads, Advanced File field (allowing multiple uploads for Activities) and File field (for custom fields and notes)
  • Added CiviCRM Preferred Language as autopopulate option
  • Added Contact Reference (select2 widget) for the Case Created by field in the Case processor
  • Fixed pre-populate form issue


  • Case processor – creates/adds case to contact
  • Send Email processor (requires Email API –


  • Refactored processors fields mapping
  • Added documentation. Big thanks to @danaskallman!!!
  • Fixed magic tags not being parsed
  • Support CiviCRM on multisite (hopefully)
  • Fixed Contact type being overridden


  • Form Templates
  • Contact processor UI improvements
  • IM processor


  • Plugin refactored
  • Translation enabled


  • Custom fields are filtered by Contact Type


  • Initial release