WordPress SEO Plugin made in Germany

Optimize your website for Google, Bing & Co in no time: Through the quick optimization mode of DELUCKS SEO you can improve your metadata, extend your content with structured data and relevant keywords not only while editing posts, pages etc., but also directly from the overviews of WordPress.

Extensive functions of DELUCKS SEO

  • Metadata optimization for better previews
  • Sitemaps for easier indexing
  • Insert statistics and import SISTRIX rankings
  • Canonical URLs with SSL support
  • Breadcrumbs for better navigation and mobile SEO
  • Premium: Automatically invalidate outbound links
  • Premium: Microdata Configurator for rich snippets
  • Premium: Social sharing buttons, CCPA and GDPR compliant
  • Premium: WDF*IDF text analysis

Setup Wizard

After installation, our setup wizard will guide you through the most important SEO settings: Authorize your project for Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools, activate additional features through the premium version and/or the professional mode if desired.

Import and export function

Import your keyword set with metadata easily via CSV file. If you previously worked with other WordPress SEO plugins like Yoast, wpSEO or All in One SEO Pack, you can import their metadata with a few clicks. Export your settings to other projects.

Suitable for all editors

Use our SEO plugin with all content editors: Elementor, WP Bakery Page Builder and many more. Our tool works best with the official WordPress block editor, for which there are dedicated SEO blocks and which provides the best loading times.

Multilingual optimization

Add locally relevant keywords to your translations and define individual language settings: For example, the composition of automatic metadata and breadcrumbs can be set differently in English than in French, Spanish or German. We recommend WPML.

WooCommerce & Taxonomies

Set individual rules for automatic metadata optimization and indexing of your products, categories and keywords. And if you don’t want your tags or author profiles to be indexed in Google & Co., you can exclude them with one click.

★★★★★ Performant, cleanly developed, excellently designed and easy to use (David, FastWP)

Perfect for PageSpeed optimization

DELUCKS SEO is PHP8 ready. Activate only those modules you need and combine our WordPress SEO plugin with WP Rocket:

  • Meta data: Optimize previews in search engines with keywords and create rules for composing meta titles. Get keyword suggestions via autosuggest for this purpose.
  • Sitemaps: Create automatically updated blueprints to help search engines index your site: Classic, Image, Video and News sitemaps.
  • Statistics: Integrate tracking codes of your web statistics, use automatic event tracking for Google Analytics or activate our SISTRIX API to display your rankings in WordPress.
  • URLs: Use Canonical tags and enforce SSL encryption for your website, automatically clean your new URLs from irrelevant stopwords to get found faster.
  • Breadcrumbs: Add navigation paths to your website via widget or shortcode to show users and search engines their position within your content and for mobile SEO.
  • Links (Premium): Automatically devalue outbound links and have them open in a new browser tab to keep SEO power within your site and lose fewer users.
  • Microdata (Premium): Use our Structured Data configurator to make videos, FAQs, recipes, events, jobs etc. visible in search results in the form of Rich Snippets.
  • Ratings (Premium): Add our ratings feature to WordPress’ commenting function to stand out in Google search results with stars.
  • Social sharing (Premium): Configure CCPA and GDPR compliant plus performance-optimized sharing buttons to make your content easier to share on social media. Customize the previews in social media.
  • Text optimization (Premium): Get information on the number of headlines, text length and a checklist of terms to write your texts more relevant by comparing your competitors.

Questions, premium version or support needed? Get all information about our WordPress SEO plugin.

عکس‌های صفحه

  • Wordpress SEO Editor


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  1. Upload unzipped folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. It is possible that you must manually reactivate the plugin after upgrading from free to professional version!
  • we recommend PHP 5.4 or higher
  • display_errors should always be disabled in live systems. Debug output can destroy our plugin functionality
  • enable curl

نقد و بررسی‌ها

24 ژانویه 2023 1 پاسخ
The guys from DELUCKS are professional and top motivated. The Plugin are not shown correct on my WP Site, but the guys fixed it in no time! Top Plugin & Top Team with an great support! THX
2 اکتبر 2021
This plugin is awesome. It can become a very popular WordPress SEO plugin if it has better marketing. Its description is a little confusing: “Free version with 30 day Premium trial included”. What is it? It looks like the free version only works for 30 days. This confuses users. But I’ve been using it for 15 days and the plugin has the basic SEO features: – Sitemap.xml for text, image and videos – Meta main commands for Google and other search engines. – Statistics analysis DELUCKS is a lightweight and well-built plugin. Your dashboard is easy to manage and performs excellently. Developers could incorporate more of the WordPress spirit. Update more often and add a clearer and more objective description for users. I’m doing tests, I’m satisfied and I’m going to buy the Premium license.
23 اکتبر 2019
Habe mit DELUCKS SEO das Yoast SEO ersetzt und bin sehr zufrieden. Übersichtlich, kompakt und mit allen wichtigen Funktionen ausgestattet. Support reagiert sehr schnell und unterstützt bei allen Fragen. Mehr Gründe habe ich nicht gebraucht um auf die Premium Version umzusteigen. Preis-/Leistung stimmt!
18 اکتبر 2019
Plugin works well and if you need support the author helps you quickly.
13 مارس 2018
Hab für einen Kunden die kostenlose 30 Tage Demo Pro Version installiert, wo man auch Kommentare um die Funktion Bewerten erweitern kann. Hört sich gut an. Nur die Leser der Blogartikel, die nicht bewerten wollten, konnten auch nicht mehr Kommentieren. Schlecht, als schrieb ich DELUCKS an. Kaum eine Stunde später gab es das Update. Mega Cool, ich mega Krass. Super Support. Kann ich nur empfehlen!!!!
خواندن تمامی 17 نقد و بررسی‌

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گزارش تغییرات


  • Remember utm parameters and add them to links
  • Security fixes
  • Many code adjustments and minor bugfixes


  • Security fix


  • Fixed a white space bug which prevents wordpress to redirect to the wp-admin login mask. (open to access)


  • Set wordpress 6.0 as compatible
  • Fixed broken output with special chars in breadcrumbs


  • Fixed a syntax issue within microdata > location output
  • Compatibility with Postman SMTP
  • WDF*IDF: Heading and word counters now with average values
  • Updated character limits for meta titles and descriptions
  • Meta description can be stored as an excerpt via checkbox
  • Meta robots extended by “max-video-preview:-1”, “max-snippet:-1” and “max-image-preview:large”
  • Many minor bugfixes


  • PHP 8 compatibility
  • CSV import
  • Survey on uninstallation
  • Moved breadcrumb module from Premium to Free
  • Text optimization now with headline and text length comparison
  • Many minor bugfixes


  • Meta description strip shortcode bugfix
  • Changed meta description fallback
  • Sharing > Pinterest bugfix


  • Bugfix migration wizard
  • Stricter meta title limits
  • Added shortcode filter for automatic meta descriptions
  • WordPress standard sitemap disabled when our (more extensive) sitemap is enabled
  • Added custom XML extension for sitemaps (e.g. to embed podcasts)
  • Optimization of rating microdata


  • Fixed a wizard bug
  • Added a SEO Popup button in Gutenberg fullscreen mode


  • Added lost stylesheet


  • Visual optimization of microdata editing
  • Bugfixes for setup wizard= 2.4.1 =
  • Removing language files to use GlotPress= 2.4.1 =
  • Removing language files to use GlotPress


  • Post categories output in sitemaps changed to posttype post only


  • Post categories have been added to the xml post-sitemap


  • Added a new option to display sharing buttons on certain post types
  • Minor bugfixes


  • Keyword auto suggest now uses the current post language
  • Experimental Polylang and Polylang Pro support (please share your experiences with us)


  • Code improvements
  • Minor bugfixes


  • Code improvements
  • Added some removable actions for metadata and social sharing tag output


  • Code improvements


  • Modal: Design cleanup
  • Microdata: Structural optimization plus new information for FAQ
  • Dashboard: Now with Installation wizard
  • Settings: Design cleanup
  • Premium / Sharing: frontend design cleanup


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Many code improvements that contribute to the security of your system
  • 3rd party components have been updated
  • Unused codes have been removed
  • Preparations for the next big update
  • The wordpress team asked us to leave the error reporting untouched. If any warnings or errors are reported after the update, disable the debug output within your server settings or in the wp-config.php or look at the components that generate these messages.


  • Important update: A security issue has been fixed. Please update as soon as possible


  • Small bugfix in the rating module


  • Professional > Rating: New option to configure the behavior of the gutenberg comment block toggle
  • Minor bugfixes


  • Fix: a conditional logic error have been removed


  • Added code to the breadcrumbs module to handle woocommerce shop page as a regular page
  • Fixed a bug which prevents replying to a comment from the backend with active data privacy checkbox option in the rating module
  • Fixed a bug in the rating module gutenberg block for displaying comments inline
  • Fixed a bug in the Sharing > More Button when using in a widget


  • Fixed a syntax issue in microdata output


  • Google tag manager local hosting have been removed for compatibility reasons


  • Performance optimization


  • Message for disabled expert settings have been removed
  • Several small fixes