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S3Player – WooCommerce & Elementor Integration


Increase your revenue by up to 70% by preventing your content from being downloaded. DRM Widevine, Playready & Fairplay Playback

Plugin Features:

  • Pricing: Pay as you go pricing only pay for what you use.
  • Playback: HLS Adaptive Bitrate, DASH, Live Streaming, Chromecast, Apple Airplay & 360 VR Video Playback
  • DRM: Playback Widevine, Playready, Fairplay – Works With EZDRM Third Party Licence Server Proud Partners
  • Analytics: Matomo Simple Powerful Media Analytics Setup
  • Advertising: Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) & Client-Side Ad Insertion (CSAI)
  • Apps: Desktop App View Features
  • Monetize: Works With Woocommerce Membership & Subscriptions Plugins
  • Audio: Waveform Player View Demo

Free Desktop App:

Encode to HLS adaptive bitrate, encrypt & upload to Amazon Web Services all from your desktop save money and create stunning 4K UHD, FHD videos with 360 degree support.

Watch Studio Approved DRM Video Tutorial

Studio Approved DRM Widevine, Playready & Fairplay Support
Integrates perfectly with EZDRM Licence sever to provide studio approved DRM.

S3Bubble Sign Up: View Website

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  • Dashboard 3
  • Dashboard 4
  • Dashboard 5


این افزونه 2 بلوک ارائه می‌دهد.

  • S3Bubble Video
  • S3Bubble Drm


  • Watch Our Video Series

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Who are S3Bubble?

S3Bubble is made by a passionate media team based in Cardiff, UK.
We love media and technology, so we decided to make it easier for people to share their content.

نقد و بررسی‌ها

8 فوریه 2023
The premium version has no support. And I mean NO SUPPORT. The contact form has been removed form the support page and no emails addresses are provided. There is literally NO WAY to contact this company. I am trying to use the new audio player. There is a video explaining how to use it, recorded by somebody who sounds like they are in a rush to do something else. I am not even convinced the new audio player exists, as both I and another person have followed the set up guide to the letter, and a video displays of the audio file. If all this worked and they had a support system, this would be a 5 star product, as there is nothing else like it, but it feels like I am dealing with a dead company that is seeking to extract as much money before it pops its clogs.
1 می 2021
They have everything you need to get started and grow with OTT. I have the feeling I can create my own Netflix with this plugging! This plugin is easy to use and make AWS so easy to use. There is still a learning curve, but their videos are excellent, watch them and you will understand everything about OTT, DRM etc. Continue your great work.
3 مارس 2021
great little company – they have everything you need to get started and grow with OTT. Still very confusing to me but they have a whole youtube network to help you learn!
4 اکتبر 2020
We love this plugin and use it for a few of our client’s support has been very helpful and it works with any theme. No need to build complicated payment systems saves us time and money.
خواندن تمامی 7 نقد و بررسی‌

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Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.

گزارش تغییرات

4.2.1 15/04/2022)

  • Audio player added simply add data-type=”audio” to your html or use the block editor

4.2.0 04/02/2022)

  • preventAutoplay added to stop autoplay on certain videos event if global force autoplay isset add it to your html with the data attribute data-preventAutoplay=”true”

4.1.9 21/01/2022)

  • CSS fixes for some installs

4.1.8 13/01/2022)

  • Fixing autoplay for certain installs

4.1.7 12/01/2022)

  • New debug system added that can be switched on via the plugin settings
  • Added support for DASH now switch between renditions
  • Enhanced SSAI with Mediatailor
  • Volume changed to vertical

4.1.6 20/12/2021)

  • New plugin option to overlay info for debugging
  • More 360 VR support added

4.1.5 20/12/2021)

  • New SSAI Server Side Ad Insertion with Mediatailor ui
  • Plugin name change – !Important you may need to reactivate the plugin after this update due to a name change. Simple click activate after updating.

4.1.4 16/12/2021)

  • New SSAI Server Side Ad Insertion with Mediatailor ui

4.1.3 08/12/2021)

  • Icon styles removed for more consistent design
  • Playback rate button fix
  • Display current bitrate on tooltip
  • forward and back button support added

4.1.2 30/11/2021)

  • Better support added for DASH playback
  • Over ride options set Autoplay for all videos
  • Mediatailor Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) Added for DASH

4.1.1 21/08/2021)

  • NEW: Matomo media analytic support added
  • NEW: 360 vr video support
  • NEW: Now works with Woocommerce Membership plugin put your video behind memberships
  • NEW: The bitrate switcher now supports DASH videos

4.1.0 18/08/2021)

  • NEW: 360 vr video support
  • NEW: Now works with Woocommerce Membership plugin put your video behind memberships
  • NEW: The bitrate switcher now supports DASH videos

4.0.9 23/07/2021)

  • NEW: We now support Studio Approved DRM Widevine, Playready & Fairplay

4.0.8 14/06/2021)

  • NEW: We now have a new audio waveform player see an example here:

4.0.7 12/03/2021)

  • EXPERIMENTAL: AMP Support added for the official WP AMP Plugin
  • EXPERIMENTAL: In the plugin options you can set iframes to be used throughout the website
  • CSS FIX: Css fix for c21media
  • CSS FIX: The meta overlay has been fixed and the share and back buttons now work

4.0.6 09/03/2021)

  • ENHANCEMENT: API updated

4.0.5 02/03/2021)

  • FIX: Spelling mistake fix for live streaming text (thanks Luke)

4.0.4 18/02/2021)

  • BUG FIX: Player loading

4.0.3 09/02/2021)

  • BUG FIX: Players spinning wheel
  • New: Chromecast now works with S3Bubble DRM encrypted videos

4.0.2 02/02/2021)

  • FIX: Cannot read property ‘hasOwnProperty’ on certain setups

4.0.1 01/02/2021)

  • FIX: Cookie workaround to support older hosting environments

4.0.0 29/01/2021)

  • FIX: Safari bug fix

3.0.9 28/01/2021)

  • INFO: You can role back to a previous version using the Rollback plugin if you have any issues
  • FIX: HTML5 player theme css fixes

3.0.8 19/01/2021)

  • BUMP: Player framework updated
  • FIX: HTML5 player theme css fixes

3.0.7 12/01/2021)

  • BUMP: Tested with the latest version of WordPress
  • BUMP: Tested with the latest version of Woocommerce
  • FIX: Error messages put back

3.0.6 03/10/2020)

  • FIX: After the setting menu has loaded change the control text to settings instead of loading

3.0.5 29/09/2020)

  • NEW: Live Streaming Countdown Timer
  • BUG: Remaining time bug fix

3.0.4 21/09/2020)

  • NEW: New fast checkout option added in plugin options, now your users can instantly be directed to payment instead of going to the cart page.
  • NEW: Link back added after purchase to direct users back to the video they have just paid for.
  • NEW: New live streaming ui and functionality added
  • BUG: Purchased button not showing fix
  • TWEAK: More generic error messages added for live streaming and geo blocking.

3.0.3 21/09/2020)

  • Bug fix: issue with some websites not sending cookies
  • Tweak: Tags added for rollback plugin support

3.0.2 16/09/2020)

  • Admin notice asking for a nice review after a user has used the plugin for more than 15 days looking for extra support
  • Cloudflare support

3.0.1 27/08/2020)

  • Bug fixes and improvements

3.0.0 26/08/2020)

  • Remove the Elementor alert when not installed

2.0.9 26/08/2020)

  • Bug fixes and improvements
  • Add Video Poster With New Elementor Widget
  • CSS tooltip fix

2.0.8 24/08/2020)

  • Compatibility check with WordPress 5.5
  • New Elementor Widget

2.0.7 26/07/2020)

  • Minor css fixes and Woocommerce version bumped up to 4.3.1

2.0.6 14/07/2020)

  • Autoplay bug fix for autoplay to work on certain browsers you may need to add data-muted=”true”

2.0.5 09/07/2020)

  • Bug fixes for Safari mobile
  • Woocommerce compatibility bumped up to 4.3.0

2.0.4 08/07/2020)

  • Picture in picture removed
  • Larger progress bar added for mobile
  • Settings menu fixed for mp4 videos
  • Autoplay revisited

2.0.3 29/06/2020)

  • Disable picture in picture

2.0.2 28/06/2020)

  • Fix for landscape fullscreen

2.0.1 12/06/2020)

  • WordPress number bump
  • Fix for users who don’t have Woocommerce installed

2.0.0 09/06/2020)

  • Updates Overview Video
  • You can no setup a simple AVOD service by setting and advert product in the plugin options that can be removed when payment is made
  • We have fixed some google analytic bugs for VAST ads they can now be tracked in the Google Analytics console
  • Chromecast functionality added for non encrypted media

1.1.9 04/06/2020)

  • Css fixes
  • Extra theme add that can be set in the plugin options
  • Menu names changed to S3Bubble instead of DRM Video
  • Mobile fixes for captions
  • New setting menu on mobile to allow space for buttons

1.1.8 27/05/2020)

  • Css fixes for multiple site support
  • Better error reporting for people using the wrong proxy url
  • Remove all shortcode from product text strip_shortcodes
  • Woocommerce plugin option to use short description instead of full description
  • Live streaming support & Live UI fixes
  • Mobile ui added to double tap to skip forward and back 10 seconds
  • Brand new settings menu
  • Allow users to use the WordPress post featured image as the video poster

1.1.7 15/05/2020)

  • Code implemented for new dashboard updates

1.1.6 15/05/2020)

  • Better error logging

1.1.5 13/05/2020)

  • Warning: Illegal string offset bug fix

1.1.4 12/05/2020)

  • Mouse scroll bug fix
  • Analytics no track minutes watched
  • Bug fixes

1.1.3 07/05/2020)

  • Console log removed causes issues on mobile
  • Fix for certain hosts that don’t allow shell_exec
  • Bug fixes

1.1.2 29/04/2020)

  • Translation ready
  • Languages can be added with the loco translate plugin
  • Extra plugin options to remove text
  • Google Analytics Updated
  • Bug fixes

1.1.1 24/04/2020)

  • Bug fixes

1.1.0 13/04/2020)

  • Non logged in users bug fix
  • Dynamic watermarking
  • Block users by ip
  • Css fixes for users themes

1.0.9 (31/03/2020)

  • Refactoring code
  • Check if user has an active subscription

1.0.8 (29/03/2020)

  • Only allows users access to processing or completed orders

1.0.7 (23/03/2020)

  • Purchased notification
  • New video tutorials
  • Bug fixes
  • New prevention measures added

1.0.3 (12/11/2019)

  • New video teasers
  • Poster remove from WordPress can be added through S3Bubble dashboard
  • Now supports Woocommerce Membership and Subscriptions

1.0.2 (28/10/2019)

  • Picture in picture fix

1.0.1 (18/02/2019)

  • Readme updated
  • Video Tutorial links fixed

1.0.0 (18/02/2019)

  • First release