This plugin has been closed as of 30 مارس 2023 and is not available for download. دلیل: نقض دستورالعمل.


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  • Everest Counter-Lite

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1 آوریل 2019
I had high hopes for this plugin, but it clashes with WP Bakery's Google Maps. When activated the whole map disappears, when deactivated the map returns on the page. Hope it will be improved soon so I can retry it.
8 نوامبر 2018
I love this plugin. I was looking for at counter that begun counting when shown on the screen and this counter does exactly that. You can use the standard templates, but if you like you can do as I did and style it yourself with custom css. If I were to add 1 thing to the plugin, then I would like an option inside the plugin where I can add custom css. Thank you for an awesome counter!
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