Falang for Elementor Lite


The Falang for Elementor plugin makes your Elementor page translation simpler. You need to have your site working with the Falang system for translation.

You don’t have to duplicate the page anymore to translate it, just translate only what is necessary. It’s easier to maintain and all parameters are the same for all languages.


Translate static text ,url, textarea, from the main language to other languages.

Lite and Pro Version

The lite version has only a few wdigets (Accordion,Button,Heading,Text Editor )

The pro version support Google/Azure/Lingvanex translation for the text editor.

The Pro version add the other element from
* Elementor Free
* Elementor Pro
* Cozy Addon Elementor
* Element Addon Elementor
* Essential Addons for Elementor
* Happy
* Nexgen
* OceanWP
* Xtemos
* Ultimate Addon’s
* Happy Addons
* Sina Extension
* Angel Theme
* la-studio support
* bdthemes-element-pack-lite support
* Themesflats addons
* wpforms
Other Widget/Theme can be done on demand.

Quick start video

Integrated in Elementor widget

Falang and Falang for Elementor Lite
(English version)

(French version with english subtitles)

Known issues

  • Post and Page need to be set to -all languages-
  • Elementor preview needs to have “Show slug for main language” disabled in Falang Settings
  • La-Studio footer ajax translation not supported

عکس‌های صفحه

  • Heading Translation page


Note : This plugin works with Elementor. Make sure you have Elementor installed.
Note : This plugin works with Falang. Make sure you have Falang installed and configured with at least 2 languages

  1. Upload the plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress

سوالات متداول

نقد و بررسی‌ها

1 فوریه 2024
The Falang plugin is a very easy to use translation plugin, and if there are any issues the support is quick and also easy to follow.
6 ژانویه 2024
Faboba for Elementor is a special theme. I am impressed by Stephane’s support! When creating a website, I used many different elements, and they were very diverse, and developed by different developers. Stephan comes to the rescue each time and solves the translation issue for a new element in less than a day. I am shocked. Best service! MANY GREAT THANKS!!!
19 ژوئن 2023
C’est le plus utile des plugins pour faire les traductions !La traduction se fait directement das le bloc Elementor ce qui évite toutes ressaisies et surtout erreur, car on peut voir directement d’où viendrait l’oublie ! En plus de ça, le support est super réactif ! Je recommande
9 ژوئن 2023
Images were not shown on translated page. After a problem report, the same evening (!) it was fixed with a local zip file update as test, later available as official update. A nice feature of the plug-in is that you can prepare translations and set them public once finished.
1 ژوئن 2023
I was looking for a Plugin, which works for Elementor and the Motopress Hotel Booking Plugin. This one is perfect for me and there is also an amazing an quick support for every question. 5 STARS!
خواندن تمامی 12 نقد و بررسی‌

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گزارش تغییرات

1.22 (2024/05/20)

  • Compatile WordPress 6.5
  • add pro support list for Happy Addon’s

1.21 (2024/03/27)

  • add Translate button on text-editor

1.20 (2024/02/29)

  • fix deprecated php 8.2
  • add pro support List Themesflat Addon’s

1.19 (2024/01/29)

  • fix option link on url.
  • add pro support list Oceanwp (Oceanwp theme)
  • add pro support List Cozy Essential Addon’s

1.18 (2024/01/04)

  • fiw warning when section label not exist (front)
  • check edit mode to display free message

1.17 (2023/12/04)

  • fix notice Elementor 3.18
  • WordPress 6.4 compatible

1.16 (2023/08/22)

  • fix warning when label is not set
  • fix PowerPack Pro for Elementor translation (Wrapper link and Custom Cursor)
  • WordPress 6.3 compatible

1.15 (2023/07/11)

  • update pro support list Elementor Pro Addons (Blockquote, navigation widget )
  • update pro support list Nexgen (Nexgen all addons)
  • update Elementor tested up to last version

1.14 (2023/06/20)

  • fix support with Essential Addons for Elementor and the Wrapper Link (translation no more displayed)
  • update pro support list Elementor Pro Addons (animated-headline, call to action, countdown, hotspot, login,
  • media-carousel, price-list,testimonial-carousel)

1.13 (2023/06/06)

  • fix bug on image widget translation
  • update Elementor tested up to last version

1.12 (2023/02/27)

  • update pro support list Essentials Addons
  • update pro support list seafarer core (QI addons)
  • update pro support TheGem (TheGem template/widgets)

1.11 (2023/02/14)

  • update pro support list slides
  • update pro support list wpforms
  • add options in backend translation (use for wpforms select)