Image Carousel Module for Divi


Add image carousels on your website with the Divi Image Carousel plugin. This plugin adds a new Image Carousel module in the Divi Builder. Once you activate the plugin a new module will appear in your module list by the name of Image Carousel. You can then use the module to add an Image Carousel anywhere inside the Divi Builder.


  • Visual Builder Supported
  • Center Mode layout
  • Synced Slider layout (A small carousel syncs with the full size image above)
  • Autoplay Animation
  • Infinite Animation
  • Choose the number of images you want to show in the carousel.
  • Choose the number of images to scroll when the arrow is clicked or on autoplay.

Divi Image Carousel Demo

Plugin Tutorial:
How to Create an Image Carousel in Divi

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If you have any questions or feature ideas please create a new thread in Support.

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سوالات متداول

Where can I access the module?

After you activate the plugin a module should automatically appear in the module list. The name of the module is Image Carousel

Where can I select the Images to show in the Carousel ?

You can select the images that you want to show in the carousel at Module Settings > Content > Images.

Does the carousel have autoplay animation or automatic animation option?

You can enable autoplay for the carousel in Module Settings > Design > Carousel Animation > Autoplay. When you set it to Yes it will also enable the setting for animation speed.

Does the carousel have infinite scroll or infinite animation option?

You can enable infinite animation for the carousel in Module Settings > Design > Carousel Animation > Infinite Animation.

Change I hide the arrows and dots?

The setting to show or hide the arrows and dots can be found under Module Settings > Content > Elements.

Change I change the number of images in the carousel?

You can change the number of images on each slide of carousel in Module Settings > Content > Elements > Slides Count.

Change I change the number of images that scroll when arrow is clicked or on autoplay?

You can change the number of images that scroll by changing the Slides Scroll setting at Module Settings > Content > Elements > Slides Scroll.

نقد و بررسی‌ها

6 فوریه 2024
This is a good plugin but like many others for DIVI (for e.g. DIVI Breadcrumbs) it hasn’t received any updates for some time and support seems to have gone away. The main issue with it is that it loads on every page instead of only where needed.
18 آوریل 2023 1 پاسخ
While this plugin is easy to implement an image carousel, it lacks the ability to allow the user to click on the image and see an enlarged image with a popup.
9 فوریه 2023
As bad as DIVI slider is this carousel is amazing.
خواندن تمامی 14 نقد و بررسی‌

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گزارش تغییرات

* Added option for speed animation.
* Added option for adaptive height.
* Fixed center padding working incorrectly in Visual Builder.
* Added title attribute on images.
* Fixed box shadow transition from last slide to first slide in center mode.

* Added option for border and box shadow for the center image in center mode
* Fixed center image not changing size in Visual Builder
* Removed text style options from module settings
* Added setting to change center padding in center mode
* Fixed issue with carousel not working in WordPress 5.6

* Added vertical slider option for default and centered sliders
* Fixed dots controls not working in the Visual Builder

* Switched to using Divi icon for arrows and dots from slick font
* Added arrow background option
* Added arrow position options
* Added hover controls on arrow color

* Added Synced Slider layout option
* Fixed jumping image issue in default slider
* Added custom links on the plugins page

* Fixed an issue where sometimes the slider will break when responsive controls are used on Slides Show and Slides Scroll
* Added Center Mode layout option
* Added styling option for Images

* Added responsive options to image count, slides scroll, arrows and dots controls.
* Added pause on hover option to the carousel
* Fixed description text for some fields in the module