Lazy Load Control For Elementor – Remove the Lazy Load attribute from specific images in Elementor


It adds a control to the Elementor image widget to remove the Lazy Load attribute.
Normally, if you use Elementor, also the first image that appears in the viewport is lazy loaded, and this is not good for performance.
By removing the lazy load attribute to the first image that appears in the viewport you can improve the LCP which is an important performance metric.

How to remove the lazy load attribute from specific images with Elementor

  • Install and activate Lazy Load Control For Elementor
  • Select “Do not lazy load” in the Elementor image widget.
  • Save.
  • Done!

Watch the following video to see how it works.

Other add-ons for Elementor

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For any question or if something doesn’t work, don’t hesitate to open a thread on the support forum

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24 آگوست 2023 1 پاسخ
Hi, It would be great if this plugin could work with elementor’s featured image widget. As it is, it only works with the image widget. But the featured image is the one causing the problems with LCP performance. Which is why i downloaded this plugin and now i will promptly delete it. Why did you not make this work for the featured image too? It makes no sense. otherwise, the plugin works fine on normal images.
21 جولای 2023 1 پاسخ
It would be awesome to be able to disable the lazy load on the featured image of a blog post (which is an Elementor Pro feature). 😀
11 می 2023 3 پاسخ
Looks good, but it applies the eager loading state to all my images regarded of how whether they're set to be lazy loaded or not.
13 ژانویه 2023 1 پاسخ
Hi, really like this plugin, however it seems to only add the functionlity to Elementor image widget so far. Is it possible to add the functionality to the Site Logo widget, aswell as background images and basically any other widget that allows an image/icon upload? Thanks alot!
10 ژانویه 2023 1 پاسخ
Great plugin to help with lazy loading above the fold. Thank you for creating this plugin!
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  • Checked: Elementor 3.7.0, and Elementor PRO 3.9.2


*Initial release