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Illow has a customizable cookie banner that makes your website compliant with GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, VCPDA, PIPEDA/CASL, APA, LFPDPPP and data-privacy regulations in just a few minutes.

Start your Free Trial and access:

*Automated cookie categorization
*Consent logs
*Cookie policy in +24 languages
*Create or link your privacy policy in +24 languages
*Cookie banner customization and widget logo
*Geolocated banner (adapts to visitor’s regulation)
*Integration with WordPress, GTM, and more
*Data request form and dashboard
*Privacy alerts
*GDPR, LGPD, CCPA, and all data-privacy regulations
*Roles and permissions per domain (ideal for agencies)

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Load the plugin in the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ folder.

Activate the plugin.

Go to, register your site, and get your script.

Enter your script in plugin settings.

سوالات متداول

We constantly erich our knowledge base on GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, VCPDA, PIPEDA/CASL, APA, LFPDPPP privacy and other specific privacy data laws. Check out our full resources at

نقد و بررسی‌ها

24 نوامبر 2023
Great experience!Illow is a very simple platform: very intuitive and complete! It was very easy to integrate the cookie banner in my sites
20 نوامبر 2023
Its exactly what I needed : easy to use, GDPR compliant, just a few clicks to installe. And it does not ham the speed of the site. I recommend 100%
2 نوامبر 2023
Illow is an incredibly useful tool in making sure the website is GDPR compliant. Highly recommend.
27 اکتبر 2023
Illow is an application that I ended up choosing when I was comparing a multitude of them. In the market, there are either applications that do everything and cost too much, or there are some that cost very little or are even free and give the semblance of being compliant with the law.Illow meets all these requirements. Their support is responsive and open to suggestions. Clearly, the application still has some way to go to reach perfection, and it's evolving really fast in my opinion to reach an optimum.
18 اکتبر 2023
I recently had the opportunity to use, and I must say it exceeded my expectations in terms of functionality and stability. This software is truly top-notch and deserves a 5-star rating. Features: Easy Implementation: One of the most impressive aspects of is how effortless it is to implement a cookie banner with all the necessary options. In just 5 minutes, I was able to enter my domain, and automatically scanned the cookies and created a banner for me instantly Customizable Cookie Banner: offers a fully customizable cookie banner, allowing me to tailor it to match my website's design and branding. This level of customization is a game-changer and ensures a seamless user experience Compliance with Privacy Regulations: ensures compliance with various privacy regulations worldwide, including GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and more. It automatically adapts to the specific regulations of each state in the USA, making it a comprehensive solution for businesses operating globally Stability: Reliable Performance: Throughout my experience with, I found the software to be incredibly stable and reliable. It seamlessly integrated into my website without any glitches or technical issues. This level of stability is crucial for maintaining a smooth user experience Regular Updates: The team consistently releases updates to enhance the software's performance and address any potential vulnerabilities. This commitment to continuous improvement ensures that users can rely on a secure and up-to-date solution Overall, is an exceptional software that offers outstanding features and stability. It simplifies the process of implementing a cookie banner while ensuring compliance with privacy regulations. I highly recommend to any business looking for a reliable and user-friendly solution.
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VERSION 0.1.0 First Release
VERSION 0.1.1 Fix for the Plugin Does Not Have a Valid Header