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MasterStudy LMS Divi Modules is a deluxe Divi + MastrStudy integration. The harmonious combination of a quality MasterStudy LMS system and one of the best page builders will grant huge advantages in assembling exclusive e-learning material for your students.
The plugin developed and designed specifically for creating entire course pages. With the list of embedded LMS modules in Divi builder’s library , you can extremely quickly and efficiently build a complete platform for online and offline learning courses and lessons.

You will be surprised how easy and simple, and most importantly, enjoyable building course and lesson pages of websites can be.

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What Exactly You Can Do With This Plugin

Your course pages will look stylish, user-friendly, and modern. In addition to LMS modules, you can supplement them with standard widgets of the Divi builder itself. The powers of the plugin are extensive in general. With all this, you will not need to know even the initial level of programming and coding. From the first seconds you will be able to build elements, whole blocks, course grids, lists, individual course pages using drag-and-drop method. Just pick out our exclusive e-learning modules, configure it and see the final stunning results.

Main Features

MasterStudy LMS Divi Modules will greatly facilitate your task if you need to quickly, rapidly and on time build a high-quality and comprehensive e-Learning platform or website.

This is achieved by a set of available modules configured specifically for LMS content, as well as a number of plugin advantages:

  • A set of ready-made LMS modules created according to the latest tendencies.
  • Full customization and management of each element.
  • Auto-progress content. You do not have to be afraid of losing progress under various circumstances. All filled content will be saved automatically without your participation, where you can go ahead building pages from the spot where you left off the last time.
  • CSS editor. At any time, you can write your own CSS code that will perfectly integrate into your general e-learning content. You are completely free to realize your preferences.

List of LMS Modules

The following 10+ modules are available in MasterStudy LMS Divi Modules to help you create a variety of course pages.

  1. STM Course Carousel. Display your courses in a swipe format.
  2. STM Courses Categories. Same as previous, but for the whole course categories.
  3. STM Courses Grid. Deploy the courses in a stylish grid way.
  4. STM Courses Searchbox. Let your students find any interested course quickly.
  5. STM Featured Teacher. Show the privileged and honored teachers on your page.
  6. STM Icon Box. Put the contemporary icon boxes on any spot of your pages.
  7. STM Instructors Carousel. Display the slideshow for cycling through a series of number instructors.
  8. STM Recent Courses. Add this module to pick the last courses.
  9. STM Single Course Carousel. For demonstrating the content of a single course just use this slider element.

The next three modules are available in MasterStudy LMS Pro due to included tremendous addons.

  1. STM Certificate Checker. The special field will verify the obtained certificates by inserting a unique code.
  2. STM Course Bundles. Merge the defined courses into one pack and sell them. This form will display the boxes with prepared courses bundles.
  3. STM Google Classrooms. This module will line up imported Google classes.

Take a look at collected built LMS modules in live to view and check them – MasterStudy LMS Divi Modules Demo.

Why MasterStudy LMS Divi Modules is the best option for you

In our world of digital innovation, online learning is rapidly gaining popularity and becoming more relevant than ever.
MasterStudy LMS Divi Modules is ideal for those looking to deploy an eLearning website in a short time. At the same time, this is an absolutely free option with high top quality. In other words, the plugin is suitable for absolutely everyone, from independent developers and businessmen to small and large e-learning facilities.

How to start to use this plugin

Make sure you have an installed and activated MasterStudy LMS and have Divi Page builder as well.

Important! For using MasterStudy LMS Divi Modules you need to have preliminary:

  1. MasterStudy LMS Free
  2. Divi Page Builder

Without these both pluigns MasterStudy LMS Divi Modules will not work.

After installing MasterStudy LMS Divi Modules you are able to start using LMS modules (widgets) immediately in Divi Insert Module section.

For more details please take a view of our documentation.

Our Alternative LMS Solution

Check out GlobalStudy, full-equipped WordPress education child theme designed for Divi.

عکس‌های صفحه

  • Masterstudy LMS Divi Modules
  • Featured Teacher
  • Courses Grid
  • Icon Box
  • Individual Course
  • Course Bundles
  • Course Category
  • Course Information
  • Courses Carousel

سوالات متداول

Is this WordPress LMS plugin free?

Completely free. You just need to have MasterStudy LMS Free (or MasterStudy LMS Pro for extra three LMS modules) and Divi Page Builder.

Do I need to have the specific requirements for this plugin?

Only standard things. WordPress 4.6 or higher, PHP 7.2 or higher, MySQL 5.6 or higher.

Do I need any secondary plugins or tools to use MasterStudy LMS Divi Modules?

You just need to have an activated MasterStudy LMS plugin (free or pro versions) and Divi Page Builder preliminary. This is just the only requirement because this plugin enhancing the Divi power in your MasterStudy plugin.

I need the complete guide about this plugin. Where can I get it?

We have detailed documentation regarding this plugin.

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Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.

گزارش تغییرات

1.0.7 – 2024-05-13

  • FIXED:When only one category was selected in the Course Carousel, Courses from all categories were displayed.

1.0.6 – 2023-12-21

  • FIXED:When Courses Carousel is added and one category of courses is selected, the message “No Courses found for this category” is displayed.
  • FIXED:Filtering in Course Carousel is not working.

1.0.5 – 2022-09-26

  • FIXED: Minor bug fix.

1.0.4 – 2021-11-24

  • FIXED: Compatible with the latest version of the Divi Builder plugin.

1.0.3 – 2021-11-02

  • FIXED: minor bugs

1.0.2 – 2021-10-27

  • UPD: readme.txt

1.0.1 – 2021-10-22

  • UPD: readme.txt

1.0.0 – 2021-10-20

  • First Version of Plugin.