Simple Newsletter Plugin – Noptin


Noptin is a lightweight Newsletter Plugin For WordPress.

Noptin allows you to:-

  • Create unlimited newsletter subscription forms.
  • Add your optin forms anywhere on your website using a shortcode.
  • Display your optin forms in a popup or lightbox.
  • Add unlimited newsletter subscription widgets on any widget areas.
  • Collect unlimited newsletter subscribers.
  • Send your email subscribers one-off newsletters.
  • Automatically notify your subscribers everytime you publish a new blog post so that they can keep coming back to your website.

The best part is that you are able to do all this without leaving your WordPress dashboard. If you are worried about email deliverability, you can install any SMTP plugin of your choice and Noptin will automatically use it to send your newsletters. No configuration needed!

Noptin works with WooCommerce out of the box to help you automate your WooCommerce powered store. It is also multisite compatible.

Getting Email Subscribers

If you’re migrating from another newsletter service or plugin, start by importing your existing newsletter subscribers into Noptin.

Next, start collecting new subscribers by:-

In addition to the integrations above, you can also create your own newsletter forms.

Collect unlimited email subscribers

Noptin is so fast and can scale to thousands of subscribers without hurting your servers.

It’s built by marketers. As a result, we put most of our focus on optimizing for speed and the conversion rate. We offer several conversion rate optimization techniques out of the box.

For example, you can easily offer content upgrades and lead magnets with your email optin forms to gain more newsletter subscribers.

Increase your website traffic

Studies suggest that repeat website visitors are more likely to convert than first-time visitors. That is why Noptin makes it easy to notify your email subscribers every time you publish a new blog post.

This increases your website traffic as your newsletter subscribers login to read your new content.

Let users sign up for your newsletter using any of the following email opt-in form types:-

Embedded Email Opt-in Forms

Noptin allows you to embed an email opt-in form inside any post, page or custom post type. You can quickly create a form using our newsletter block or create one using our Opt-in Forms Editor and embed it in your content using a shortcode.

Email Opt-in Widgets

Noptin ships with two newsletter optin widgets.

Content Upgrades

Noptin makes it easy to add content upgrades to your newsletter optin forms. You set the URL to your lead magnet as the redirect URL and new subscribers will be able to download your lead magnets after they subscribe.

Automated New Post Notifications

Increase traffic to your website by automatically emailing your newsletter subscribers every time you publish a new blog post.

One-Time Email Newsletters

You can also send beautiful newsletters from WordPress to all your subscribers anytime you like. There is no limit to the number of newsletter emails you can send.

عکس‌های صفحه

  • Noptin overview page
  • Newsletter optin forms overview page
  • Setting up a new automated email
  • Visual newsletter editor.
  • Raw HTML newsletter editor.
  • Classic newsletter editor.
  • Sample newsletter subscription form
  • Sample newsletter subscription sliding form
  • Sample newsletter subscription popup form
  • Automatically send new post notifications to your customers when you publish new posts.
  • Viewing a single newsletter subscriber
  • State of the art newsletter subscription form editor
  • Plain text newsletter editor.
  • Select recipients for an email.
  • Viewing a list of all subscribers.


این افزونه 2 بلوک ارائه می‌دهد.

  • Newsletter Form
  • Newsletter Optin


  • Go to WordPress Dashboard.
  • Click on Plugins -> Add New
  • Search form “WordPress Newsletter Plugin – Noptin
  • Find the plugin and click on the Install Now button
  • After installation, click on Activate Plugin link to activate the plugin.

سوالات متداول

Can I connect to my email service provider?

Yes. We have addons for Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Campaign Monitor, and Drip.

How can I get in touch?

How can I contribute to Noptin?

There are a lot of ways to contribute to this newsletter plugin:-

Will Noptin work with my theme?

Yeah. Your newsletter subscription forms will take your theme’s default styling.

نقد و بررسی‌ها

11 جولای 2024
I had to get rid of Jetpack because of bloat and they wanted a TON of money… and when I did, I noticed my WordPress no longer sent to my followers, a link to let them know I had published an article. After looking around it appeared Noptin would do the job. The only issue was I never got it to send an update notice automatically. After publishing a few times I decided I don’t really want it to go out automatically because when I do it manually. I can edit the post to add a little about the article, I can put some links to my Amazon store… So in the end it works for me.
3 جولای 2024
This is a great solution for sending emails out to a subscribers’ list with each new blog post. Works great!
20 ژوئن 2024 1 پاسخ
Used the Try It First… Loved it. Downloaded, Activated it… Not a damn thing like the Try It.
21 می 2024
NO LONGER WORKING: Automatically notify your subscribers everytime you publish a new blog post so that they can keep coming back to your website. Once an article has been validated and published, nothing happens. Subscribers are not informed. No email is sent.
خواندن تمامی 74 نقد و بررسی‌

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Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.

گزارش تغییرات


  • Fix: [[post_content]] merge tag shows blank.


  • Fix: Unable to manually add newsletter subscribers.
  • Fix: Default confirmation email sent when an unsubscribed contact unsubscribes from your newsletter.
  • Add: WooCommerce Wholesale Pro compatibility.


  • Allow to limit the length of post excerpts shown in newsletters.


  • Add [past_noptin_newsletters] shortcode to display past newsletters.
  • Show error when a user tries to submit a private form.


  • Added a [[view_in_browser_url]] so to allow subscribers to open their newsletters in the browser.


  • Added a background tasks manager.


  • Clear integrations cache when updating the plugin.


  • Fix missing translations showing empty strings.


  • Allow filtering newsletter subscribers by a comma-separated list of email addresses.


  • Display a list of all merge tags in the newsletter editor.
  • Perfomance improvements.


  • Posts digest scheduling improvements.
  • Test on WordPress 6.5.


  • [[order.billing_email]] merge tag not evaluated when used as an email recipient.
  • Fix newsletter unsubscribe URL not working on some setups.
  • Do not filter posts by date when previewing a latest posts email.
  • Make it possible to change field labels and placeholders in the subscribe / unsubscribe shortcodes.


  • Re-upload broken png images.
  • Convert settings page to React.js.
  • Make it possible to track revenue generated per campaign.


  • Add help text when newsletter fails sending.
  • Add ability to trash and untrash email campaigns.


  • Fix: Automated WooCommerce emails not sending.
  • Fix: Newsletter emails contain wrongly wrapped words.


  • Fix: PHP notice when using custom email template.


  • Fix: Image block has no option to select the image.
  • Fix: Classic email editor has no button to add an image.


  • Add an automation rule trigger for imported subscribers.
  • Allow setting the sender details per newsletter email.


  • Allow HTML in newsletter subscription confirmation messages.
  • Add option to allow editors to manage Noptin.
  • New newsletter campaign editor.


  • Allow sending automation rule emails to unsubscribed contacts.
  • Improve newsletter subscribers import.
  • Add newsletter CRON health check to auto-send stuck newsletters.


  • Add back button to newsletter campaign editor screen.
  • Check current WooCommerce order status when triggering a delayed automation rule.


  • Fix error when previewing WooCommerce product purchased automated emails.


  • Fix newsletter campaign stats not working.
  • Test on WordPress 6.3.
  • Do not pass ID when creating a newsletter subscriber.


  • Fix newsletter subscriber meta not being saved.


  • Improved subscriber management screen.


  • Make it possible to hide predefined fields from the manage newsletter preferences form.


  • Fix: Cannot access protected method Noptin_WooCommerce_Product_Purchased_Trigger::maybe_trigger() error.


  • Use alternative method to send bulk newsletter emails.
  • Add an automation rule action to delete newsletter subscribers.
  • Make it possible to fully customize the double opt-in email or set up multiple emails.
  • Fix: Subscriber imports strips out leading zeros.


  • Speed improvements.


  • Polylang improvements for multilingual newsletters.


  • Fix multicheckbox newsletter form field type only sending a single value.
  • Ability to bulk send newsletter subscription confirmation emails.


  • Add ability to set custom newsletter subscription form field placeholders.
  • Add option to set custom CSS for newsletter emails.
  • Add automation rule action to create/update a GeoDirectory listing.


  • Add Elementor forms automation rule trigger.
  • Add Fluent form automation rule tirgger.
  • Fix: Some subscriber customer field types not working when used to filter newsletter recipients.


  • Fix: Post digests show raw CSS in certain WooCommerce templates.
  • Add ability to manually send post digests.


  • Fix: Concurrent newsletter campaigns from different sites not sent on a multisite network.
  • Allow setting custom dates for sending post digest newsletters.
  • Fix: Monthly digest newsletter always reschedule to the following month when edited.


  • Include percentages in Newsletter campaign stats.
  • Edit email based automation rules using the newsletter editor.


  • Add EDD newsletter automation rule triggers.
  • Add support for EDD newsletter template.
  • Add support for WS Form.


  • Fix popup newsletter subscription forms not working.


  • Ability to send an email to individual newsletter subscribers.


  • Paid Memberships Pro – Membership level changed automation trigger.
  • Paid Memberships Pro – Change membership level changed automation action.
  • Escape formulas in CSV exports.


  • Daily post digests now send content published in the previous day instead of the previous 24 hours.
  • Add [[order.coupon_code]] WooCommerce newsletter merge tag.



  • Fix: WooCommerce product purchase automation trigger reverts to intially selected values when saved.


  • Add subscribe to newsletter automation rule action.
  • Improve WooCommerce product purchased automation rule trigger.


  • Added more WooCommerce conditional logic filters.
  • Newsletter perfomance improvements.


  • GeoDirectory newsletter integration.
  • Add conditional logic to all automation rule triggers.


  • Fixed: A CRON conflict causing post digests to create multiple newsletter campaigns.


  • Fix unsaved custom newsletter fields disappearing


  • Add language custom field.
  • Add ability to send multi-lingual newsletters.
  • Add newsletter-subscriber based conditional logic to automation rule triggers.


  • Fix automation rules send empty email body.


  • Ensure PHP < 7.3 compatibility


  • Newsletter subscribers export file is empty.


  • Subscription checkbox breaks the registration form.
  • Add BuddyPress registration form compatibility.


  • Add ability to set newsletter subscription checkboxes as checked by default
  • Add ability to set a field as required
  • Add support for WooCommerce checkout block
  • Default to the classic editor for non-woocommerce sites


  • Update plugin name


  • Fix incorrect logo link in email newsletters


  • Double opt-in confirmation links displays empty box on some sites – FIXED


  • Ability to duplicate and preview automated email campaigns – ADDED
  • Ability to send a test email for any automated email campaign – ADDED
  • Filter newsletter recipients by custom fields.
  • View unsubscribes for each email newsletter and automated email.
  • Ability to order newsletter subscribers by custom field.
  • Subscriber delete button not working – FIXED.
  • Fix conflict with WPForms pro


  • Action page links not working – FIXED


  • Now uses normal WordPress new-post pages to for the newsletter form editor – FIXED
  • Now adds and verifies a key before redirecting newsletter links – CHANGED


  • All imported newsletter subscribers marked as unconfirmed – FIXED


  • Update newsletter form editor JS – CHANGED


  • Multi-lingual newsletter improvements – ADDED


  • Double newsletter subscription fields on new installs – FIXED


  • Add [noptin] newsletter form shortcode


  • Import newsletter subscribers page is blank – FIXED


  • Better management of newsletter subscriber fields – ADDED


  • Ability to add newsletter sign-up checkboxes on any WordPress HTML forms – ADDED
  • Ability to disable newsletter stats – ADDED


  • Ability to use merge tags in newsletter subscription success messages and pages – ADDED
  • noptin_hide now hides newsletter subscription forms for an hour – ADDED
  • Ability to use post meta fields as newsletter merge tags – ADDED
  • Ability to add dropdown select field to newsletter sign-up forms – ADDED


  • Ability to connect your site to for faster support and updates – ADDED
  • Ability to set multiple admin notification recipients – ADDED
  • Ability to view stats for sent new post notification newsletters – ADDED
  • Ability to automatically delete sent campaigns after X days – ADDED


  • WPML Noptin settings translations not loaded – FIXED
  • Confirmation URLs show 404 error when using Polylang – FIXED


  • Fix automatic “new post notifications” do not work if the new post is a duplicate of an earlier post.


  • Fix checkbox always shows no (Ville Viljanen).
  • Fix featured image not showing in new post notification newsletter.
  • Add a [[resubscribe_url]] tag usable in emails and unsubscribe message.
  • Add the [noptin-show-if-subscriber] and [noptin-show-if-non-subscriber] shortcodes.
  • Add the [noptin-subscriber-count] shortcode.


  • Fix undefined variable notice in new hook.


  • WooCommerce integration displays an error when the Woo Product Feed addon is displayed.


  • Allow your customers to subscribe to your newsletter when checking out via GetPaid.
  • Add a GetPaid new invoice automation rule.
  • Add a GetPaid lifetime value automation rule.
  • Add a GetPaid item purchased automation rule.
  • Fix Contact Form 7 submissions not added to the newsletter if the acceptance checkbox is not set.
  • The “.noptin-mark-as-existing-subscriber” CSS class can now be used to close sliding newsletter sign-up forms.
  • Ability to limit the maximum number of emails that can be sent per hour.


  • Add a conditional newsletter subscription checkbox to Contact Form 7.
  • Add a conditional newsletter subscription checkbox to Ninja Forms.
  • Add a conditional newsletter subscription checkbox to WPForms.

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