Offerwhere Points, Rewards & Loyalty Programs for WooCommerce


This plugin allows your customers to collect loyalty points whenever they place an order on your website. When they have collected enough points, it automatically applies their discount to their next order.

What you can do with this plugin

  • Run the same loyalty program on your website, in your store, or from your home in minutes. Learn more about how Offerwhere can help your business grow.
  • Send special, weekly or monthly offers to your customers.
  • Run spend-based loyalty programs. For example, collect 5 points for every £1.00 spent.
  • Run transaction-based loyalty programs. For example, collect 1 point every time you spend at least £1.00.
  • View data on your loyalty program in your Offerwhere account.
  • Retain more customers and grow your business.

عکس‌های صفحه

  • Create your loyalty program on Offerwhere.
  • Get your loyalty program settings from Offerwhere.
  • Enter your loyalty program settings in the Setting page on WordPress.
  • Collapsed loyalty program balance on the Account and Checkout pages on WordPress.
  • Expanded loyalty program balance on the Account and Checkout pages on WordPress.
  • Discount automatically applied to an order on WordPress.
  • Customer can also view their loyalty program balance on the Offerwhere mobile app.
  • Breakdown of the number of points held by customers.
  • Number of transactions that’s gone through your loyalty program.
  • Breakdown of points that’s been awarded to and redeemed by customers.
  • Amount that has been spent by customers.


Before you start

This plugin requires you to have the WooCommerce plugin installed and activated in WordPress. You also need to have created your loyalty program on Offerwhere.

Getting started

You’ll need to do a few things to connect your website to your loyalty program.

  1. Download the plugin.
  2. Install and activate the plugin on your WordPress Admin site.
  3. Go to the Settings page for the plugin.
  4. Log in to your Offerwhere account to get the information required to set up the plugin.
  5. Copy and paste the information from your Offerwhere account into the fields provided in the Setting page, and save the changes.

سوالات متداول

Does a customer need to be logged in to use the plugin

No, a customer does not need to log in to use this plugin. They only need to provide their Offerwhere PIN. Everybody that has an Offerwhere account has a PIN.

What is an Offerwhere PIN

The Offerwhere PIN (Personal Identification Number) is a short and unique number that we provide to everyone at sign up.

How long does it take to sign up

It takes less than one minute to sign up. The Offerwhere PIN is sent to users via email after signing up.

What happens if a customer does not provide their Offerwhere PIN

They can still place orders. They will not collect points or get discounts if they do not provide their PIN.


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