Optimize Youtube Video


Optimize youtube videos considering webp thumbnails and adapting to any lazyloading plugin.
Flexible to any lazyload plugin, you can follow their markup and have a full control for the thumbnails.

Improving your page speed score

  • Lazy load third-party resources with facades
  • Next-gen format for thumbnails | webp format
  • Responsive Thumbnails with srcset snippet or alternate mobile thumbnail


  • Automatically convert your iFrame with youtube source link to thumbnails
  • Adapting to any lazyload Plugins, No lazyload js included to reduce http request and to avoid duplicate lazyload library
  • Can access youtube thumbnail as variable | available to all thumbnail resolutions
  • Full control output for youtube videos and their thumbnails
  • Auto-resize thumbnail in mobile from iframe attribute or global settings
  • Using inline and minimal css and javascript
  • Minified outputs


  • Go to Plugins > Add New > Optimize Youtube Video
  • Go to Settings > Optimize Youtube Video


  • Do not lazyload above the fold thumbnails
  • For WP Rocket or LazyLoad plugin – disable “Replace Youtube videos by thumbnail” in Lazyload Tab
  • Disable lazyload thumbnails in above-the-fold content to improve LCP


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= 1.2.2
* fix nowebp typo
* set hqdefault for desktop
* set mqdefault for mobile

= 1.2.1
* fix vendor

= 1.2.0
* removing variable translations

= 1.1.0
* add option to enable lazyload for loggedin user, escape variables

= 1.0.0
* First major release