This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

WP Image Gallery


A very simple plugin to add Responsive photo gallery, Responsive image album in your WordPress Website, using custom post type section and display it on frontend of your website in a Grid, Slider Portfolio filter or carousel view with the help of shortcode.

This Plugin Enables to create several media such as image gallery, photo & image albums, portfolio filter and also simple picture to an image slider with popupbox or image lightbox and image carousel. also you can create multiple image Album with using category.


  • No Need Coding Skills.
  • Online Free Help for Setup.
  • 7+ Design Template available.
  • No need of any settings.
  • Create multiple photo Album using category.
  • You can easily true/false and customize every field.
  • Set your Photo Gallery withing 2 minutes.
  • Fully Responsive and Mobile friendly.
  • Easy Shortcode Generator.
  • Create multiple Gallery using category.
  • Beautiful, light-weight.
  • Add unlimited image Gallery.
  • Unique settings for each image gallery.
  • Fully SEO Friendly.

Photo Grid, Photo slider Photo Album Grid, Photo Album Slider, image Portfolio Filter works with 7+ Design template

This plugin Working with five shortcode:-

  • [pgr_grid] : Displays Image in Grid view.
  • [pgr_slider] : Displays image in Slider view.
  • [pgr_album_grid] : Displays Image Album in Grid view.
  • [pgr_album_slider] : Displays Image Album in Slider view.
  • [pgr_portfolio] : Displays Image Portfolio Filter view.

Common shortcode paramaters for Photo Grid, Slider, Album Grid, Album Slider and Portfolio Filter view.

  • ID:
    like: id=”185″ ( ie. Gallery id for which you want to display images. (for Image Grid, Image slider only.))

  • cell:
    like: cell=”4″ ( ie. set image Grid(cell). for each row.)

  • template:
    like: template=”template-3″ (ie. there are 7+ Design template.)

  • link_target:
    like: link_target= “new-tab” (ie. Click on image open in new Tab. Note:- Must do popup=”false”).

  • image_height:
    like: image_height= “300” (ie. Set image height like 300px).

  • show_title:
    like: show_title= “false” (ie. Show image title. Value are true/ false).

  • show_description:
    like: show_description= “false” (ie. Show image Description. Value are true/ false).

  • show_caption:
    like: show_caption= “false” (ie. Show image Description. Value are true/ false).

  • order:
    like: order= “ASC” (ie. change order like ascending and descending value: ASC/DESC) (no need to use image grid and image slider).

  • order_by:
    like: order_by= “ID” (ie. change order by like ID, author, title, name, rand, date. value: ASC/DESC) (no need to use image grid and image slider).

  • image_size:
    like: image_size= “full” (ie. Set image size. Value are full, medium, large, thumbnail).

  • popup:
    like: popup= “false” (ie. For Click on image and open on popupbox).

other shortcode paramaters for Photo slider and Photo Album slider.

  • slidestoscroll:
    like: slidestoscroll= “1” (Scroll number of images at a time).

  • dots:
    like: dots= “false” (ie. Show image Pagination Dots. Value are true/ false).

  • arrows:
    like: arrows= “false” (ie. Show image Pagination Dots. Value are true/ false).

  • autoplay:
    like: autoplay= “false” (ie. Move slider automatically.. Value are true/ false).

  • autoplay_interval:
    like: autoplay_interval= 2000″ (ie. Delay between two slides.).

  • speed:
    like: speed= 300″ (ie. Slider slides moving speed).

other shortcode paramaters for album grid and album slider.

  • album_cell:
    like: album_cell=”4″ ( ie. Set album Grid(cell). for each row.)

  • album_link_target:
    like: album_link_target= “new-tab” (ie. Click on image open in new Tab. must be need popup=”false”).

  • album_height:
    like: album_height= “300” (ie. Set image height like 300px).

  • album_title:
    like: album_title= “false” (ie. Show album title. Value are true/ false).

  • album_description:
    like: album_description= “false” (ie. Show album description. Value are true/ false).

  • album_full_content:
    like: album_full_content= “false” (ie. Show album Full description. Value are true/ false).

  • words_limit:
    like: words_limit= “50” (ie. If no need to full content. so set word limit).

  • content_tail:
    like: content_tail= “…” (ie. Set content tail sign).

  • limit:
    like: limit= “5” (ie. Set how many recent album show. default all album show).

  • category:
    like: category= “7” (ie. If need multiple album you can use category id).

  • total_photo:
    like: total_photo= “8” (ie. Change total no of photo text).

Template code is

<?php echo do_shortcode('[pgr_grid]'); ?>
<?php echo do_shortcode('[pgr_slider]'); ?>
<?php echo do_shortcode('[pgr_album_grid]'); ?>
<?php echo do_shortcode('[pgr_album_slider]'); ?>
<?php echo do_shortcode('[pgr_portfolio]'); ?>

How to install & Setup Plugin :

عکس‌های صفحه

  • How to Create photo Gallery
  • Display Multiple Album Grid and slider using category.
  • How to Add Shortcode in Page & post text editer.
  • How to Generate shortcode for grid, slider, portfolio.


  1. Upload the ‘Photo Gallery with Responsive’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  2. Activate the “Photo Gallery with Responsive” list plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Add a new page and add desired short code in that.


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  • change as per WordPress guideline.


  • update screenshot.
  • add update js


  • Initial release.