Smart Threema


Add Threema Buttons to your Website and allow your Visitor to Contact you.
The Contact Button show only on mobile Device


  • Add your Threema-ID
  • Different View for Mobile Device and Desktop
  • Positioning for the Info-Box (Pages // Posts // Pages and Posts)
  • backend translated into several languages
  • frontend messages translated into several languages

  • Shortcode

Design your own Widget

Now you can style your [threema1] Shortcode.

Add this CSS into your style sheet file and edit it

.smartthreema_container {
border: 1px double brown!important; /* Style the Border */

.smartthreema_container_h4 {
color:red!important; /* style title color /
font-size:22px!important; /
style title font size */

.smartthreema_container_txt {
color:green!important; /* style description text */

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سوالات متداول

In which languages is this plugin available?

English & German

Wie merke ich, ob es eine neue Version des Plugins gibt?

Dann wird man im Plugin Ordner deiner WP Installation auf die Upgrade-Möglichkeit aufmerksam gemacht.

Was muss ich tun, wenn ich ein Bug bemerke?

Man schickt dem Entwickler eine eMail an und meldet den Bug und wie man ihn nachvollziehen kann.

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گزارش تغییرات

v2.3.3 (06/05/2022)

  • Version update for WP 6.0

v2.3.3 (2/17/2022)

  • Version update for WP 5.9

v2.3.2 (01/16/2021)

  • Now you can design your own threema section

v2.3.1 (01/01/2021)

  • Add frontend Translations for English, US and German

v2.3 (12/31/2020)

  • Updated for WordPress 5.6
  • Add Translations for English, US and German

v2.2.1 (08/13/2020)

  • Updated for WordPress 5.5

v2.1 (06/26/2019)

  • Add new Msg for user

v2.0 (06/26/2019)

  • you can now deactivate the buttons from showing
  • Floating Buttons

v1.5 (06/25/2019)

  • Add 4 different Shortcode

v1.0 (02/06/2019)

  • Add a positioning for the Threema Information-Box

v0.1 (02/05/2019)

  • Add to WordPress Respository

v0.0.1 (02/03/2019)

  • Created