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This plugin add the search post widget add on edit page and dashboard. Further, the edit button of previous/next post is add on edit page of the existing post.
Thereby, post edit will become slightly convenient.

Some features:

  • The retrieval by keyword of a dashboard and an edit page becomes possible.
  • The previous/next post can be edited quickly ( classic dditor only ).


  • Japanese –


You can send your own language pack to me.

Please contact to me.

  • (ja)
  • @tmatsuur on twitter.



This plug-in is not guaranteed though the user of WordPress can freely use this plug-in free of charge regardless of the purpose.
The author must acknowledge the thing that the operation guarantee and the support in this plug-in use are not done at all beforehand.

فرم تماس 7

email to takenori.matsuura[at]
twitter @tmatsuur

عکس‌های صفحه

  • Search post widget in edit page.
  • Previous and next post edit button in edit page.
  • Replicate link in posts link page.


  • A plug-in installation screen is displayed on the WordPress admin panel.
  • It installs it in wp-content/plugins.
  • The plug-in is made effective.


Movable Type では基本機能で、編集画面にある、前記事、後記事への移動操作は私にとって必須機能でしたがWPでは基本モードではありませんでした。  このプラグイン作者の「WordPress私的マニュアル」サイトを覗くと「プラグイン」という記事があり、それがこのプラグインでした。  たとえば、最近記事は全記事を表示しておき、以前の記事は「折り畳み」に変更するケースの編集作業で、数記事分を編集していくときに、いちいち「一覧」の戻らなくても良くなる。  たいへんに、手間とストレスが軽減される機能がセットされるプラグインです。  星五つ、おすすめするためにWordpress.orgのIDを取得してまでもレビューいたしました。
3 سپتامبر 2016
I often need to look at other posts while I'm writing. This allows to search from within the editor. It even has a function to replicate/clone post from the post list view. I only miss the ability to open the search result in another tab/window to not disturb my current writing.
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  • Adjusted color scheme and JavaScript for version 5.7.


  • Bug fix: Fixed the bug of title search.


  • Bug fix: Fixed an issue where an error occurred when the submit button was pressed in the classic editor.


  • Adjusted parameters of replication link.


  • Fixed bug that serialized metadata can not be copied.


  • Allow partial match search of post_title.


  • Added Search to post title.


  • Bug fix: JavaScript error at the time of the new post.


  • Replicate post link added. Open a new post edit by replicating the content and terms of the current post.


  • Bug fix: Previous/Next post edit button does not appear in version 4.3.


  • The post type selection box added.


  • The custom post type is supported.


  • The first release.