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Stop Comment Spam


If you use Akismet, you are likely happy how it recognizes spam, but probably it still bothers you that you have to check recognized spam and reject it. If your blog is target of heavy spam, you may get large number of spams a day, and although Akismet prevents spam to show up on your blog, you still have to administer (delete) it.

Stop Comment Spam jumps in that place. It is very likely that you may identify large amount of spam by very precise keywords, and if spam contains specified keyword, it may undoubtedly be considered as 100% spam and rejected without need for Akismet or you to interfere.

For instance, my blog is overwhelmed by, what we call Russian spam. Thing is that my blog uses Cyrillic alphabet, and Russian spammers recognize that, so they pay more attention to spam it with comments containing Russian language. As my blog is not in Russian language, I needed tool to recognize if Russian language is used in a comment, and if that is the case, to simply reject it. That is how this plugin became. It also helps a lot with Chinese spam and other verious automated spammers.

You may use it to prevent using obscene words or other unwanted words in comments posted on your site. You just define list of words that are unacceptable, and any comment containing any of them would be rejected.

Also, you may set similar keyword rules for comment author web site URL. If you have some nasty spammer that is persistent to advertise his site, you just put his site url in forbidden url list and he is gone, any comment using that site as commenter site URL will be rejected.

There is option to limit number of allowed links in comment text. That would help stopping link spammers. All you have to do is set number of allowed links within comment. If spammer posts one more than allowed, his comment will be refused.

This plugin is simple and straightforward. It will help you to filter out exact words or phrases, but it is not strong against more profane spammers. But, that is what Akismet is for. This plugin works as Akismet companion. It filters out obvious spam and lets Akismed deal with rest.

Author uses this plugin personally since year 2009, and it prooved to be very helpful. It stopped two times more spamm comments than Akismet. This does not mean Akismet is worse, just that two thirds of spam comming to my blog were so obvious that simple tool like StopCommentSpam could handle it leaving Akismet to deal with less but more delicate spam.

Keyword examples

To stop spam comments using Russian language add these as forbidden comments contents:

















To stop some spam linking to spam or malicious sitees ad these to forbidden URL contents:





















  1. Extract package and upload stop-comment-spam directory to /wp-content/plugins/stop-comment-spam directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Open plugin Settings and enter keywords or phrases that you want to forbid in comment contents or visitors site URLs.

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18 دسامبر 2020
A great addition to Aksimet. I enter a list of stop words and there are no more comments and links that Aksimet does not consider spam. I hope that the developer will continue to support the plugin.
5 می 2020
Un plugin sencillo que hace lo que dice y solo lo que dice, cosa que se agradece en estos tiempos. Estaba sufriendo un ataque de spam a los comentarios con la misma frase “Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?”. Lo instalé, añadí la línea “Como puedo iniciar sesión”, y listo. Muchas gracias, Predrag.
28 مارس 2018
I chose this plugin instead of Akismet. I have not received any more spam since installation. It works great! Thank you for this spamcatcher I use thema ‘Mantra’.
7 ژانویه 2017
Finally I have found a spam fighting plugin which is easy to handle, and which works like promised. I had tried different solutions, which did not seem to do anything or were disappointing by their weak functionalities. But this plugin here (Stop Comment Spam) is very easy to configure, because all you have to do is to type in your bad keywords. And it is very effective: It rejects comments which contain one or more of the defined words from the filter – the comments do not pass through to your blog, which means, they are not put into the moderation, so you don’t have to delete all that annoying stuff. Fantastic, and exactly what I was searching for! Thanks for your good work!
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