CW Post Slugs

Set the post slug to the WordPress recommended value, even if you've changed your title.

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SEO Slugs

Removes common words like 'de', 'het', 'bij' from post slugs to improve SEO.

Stephan Muller, Andrei Mikrukov 20+ نصب فعال آزمایش‌شده با 3.3.2 بروزرسانی شده در 10 سال پیش

Remove Stop Words

Remove stop words from the slug URL in your permalinks for search engine optimization.

Kane Andrews 20+ نصب فعال آزمایش‌شده با 3.7.38 بروزرسانی شده در 9 سال پیش

Slug Control

Helps you craft amazing post URL slugs, for that hand-crafted URL feel.

Mark Jaquith 10+ نصب فعال آزمایش‌شده با 4.2.32 بروزرسانی شده در 7 سال پیش


By default in Wordpress 1.5 and onwards, a post's sanitised name that appears in a…

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