Views for WPForms – Display & Edit WPForms Entries on your site frontend


If you’re a user of the WPForms plugin to craft forms for your WordPress site, we have exciting news for you.

Our Views for WPForms plugin empowers you to display and manage form entries directly on your site’s frontend. This means no more logging into the backend to handle your form submissions.

Moreover, our Views for WPForms plugin is a fantastic asset for paid directories. With our user-friendly drag & drop view builder, you can effortlessly create table or list views of entries and even approve or disapprove them directly from your site’s frontend.

Our plugin seamlessly integrates with all WPForms Forms Add-Ons, enabling you to enhance your forms with additional features and functionality.

Best of all, you can access our Views for WPForms plugin for free. So, why wait? Download it today and begin managing your form entries right from the frontend of your WordPress site.


Here is step by step guide to display your WPForms Entries anywhere on your site

With Views for WPForms, you can effortlessly showcase WPForms Entries on the frontend of your site using the intuitive drag & drop View builder. You have the flexibility to create table views, list views, or even datatables (Pro feature).
Additionally, you can insert content before and after the View and specify the number of Entries to display per page.


Table View
List View
DataTable View
Edit Entry Demo

Top Free Features

  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Easy to use – drag and drop view builder.
  • Option to select which form fields to display in the View.
  • Customize labels for table headings.
  • Set the number of entries to display per page.
  • Add pagination before or after the table.
  • Display Pagination Information.
  • Compatible with Elementor Page builder and Gutenberg editor.

Unlock even more features in the Pro version
* List View Format
* DataTable View Format
* Edit Entries from the frontend
* Delete Entries from the frontend
* Display only approved Entries
* Display only User submitted Entries
* Add a Search Form to filter and search entries by field values.
* Display Entry details on a Single Page
* Add Custom HTML field & use WPForms Smart Tags inside the View
* Filter entries by field values or use Merge Tags
* Sort WPForms Entries via field values
* Display Entries on Google Maps
* Display Only starred entries
* Display Only viewed entries
Get WPForms Views PRO!

Pro Features

= List & DataTable View Format =
Display WPForms Entries in a multicolumn layout on your site’s frontend. Need more advanced features than a regular table? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Display data using dataTables, including responsive layout options, printing, PDF and CSV download entry features.

Edit WPForms Entries

Enable logged-in users to edit their entries from the site frontend using the same form they used for submission. Entry editing involves prefilling Form fields with existing entry data, and after the user submits the Form, the entry is updated. Administrators can edit all entries.

Inline Edit WPForms Entries

Quickly edit entries without refreshing the page. Users can update one field at a time, making it ideal for speedy updates to fields displayed in the View.

Delete WPForms Entries

Allow users to delete their submitted entries directly from the site frontend. Logged-in users can delete their entries, and administrators can delete any entry.

Search WPForms Entries

Include a Search Form in your View to allow users to filter data by any field value. Options also include searching by Entry submission Date or Date Range, such as displaying entries submitted between two dates.

Advanced Filters

Apply filters to entries before displaying them on the site frontend, based on any Form field value, logged-in user meta, custom dates, and more. For example, display all entries where users selected “Male” as the Gender field value when submitting the form.

Advance Sorting

Sort entries by any Field value in Ascending or Descending order, and you can add multiple sort conditions.

Entries Approval

Display only entries that have been approved by an admin from the backend. Approve/Disapprove entries from View.


Show the total of a field in the table footer.

Custom HTML

Integrate custom HTML within View data, supporting WPForms Smart Tags so you can display data by combining multiple field values.

WPForms User Registration Addon Integration

Works seamlessly with the User Registration Addon. Register new users on your site, display their profile data on the frontend using WPForms Views, and allow them to update it using the Inline Edit addon.

WPForms Post Submissions Addon Integration

Update associated posts whenever you update entries from WPForms Views. Allow users to update their posts from the site frontend.

WPForms Save and Resume

Show or hide partial entries within View. Display Entry Resume link to allow user to complete partial WPForms entries.

عکس‌های صفحه

  • View Drag & Drop Builder.
  • Settings for each column field.
  • Submissions shown in frontend.


این افزونه 1 بلوک ارائه می‌دهد.

  • WPForms Views Display WPForms View


To install Views for WPForms, follow these steps:

  • Download and unzip the plugin.
  • Upload the entire views-for-wpforms-lite/ directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  • Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress

سوالات متداول

Does this plugin works with WPForms Lite version?

No, you will need at least WPForms basic license to use this plugin because the WPForms Lite version doesn’t store submitted form data.

How to Display Form Entries on your site from WPForm

  • Download and unzip the plugin
  • Upload the entire views-for-wpforms-lite/ directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  • Create New View from Views menu in the admin sidebar.
  • Save the View & copy the shortcode.
  • Use the shortcode to show it on page.

From which WPForm Fields I can display data in my view?

You can display data for any valid WPForm Field.

How do I display view on my site frontend?

You can insert the shortcode to any page on site to display view.

Is there any restriction on how many views I can create?

No, you can create as many Views as you like & use it anywhere on your site using a shortcode.


14 نوامبر 2022
Works perfectly. Support is great, they have gone above and beyond to help fit into our workflow. Helped our business improve a ton.
25 آوریل 2022
Good plugin! I love wpforms, but always missed to see the data which already have been collected. I designed a simple collection of employee service hours for billing the customer. They always forgot what they have submitted before. Now the problem is solved.
خواندن تمامی 16 بررسی‌

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مشارکت کنندگان


3.1.2 (23rd September 2023)
New: Added WPForms Views Gutenberg Block.
Fix: Removed Add New option from side menu.

3.1.1 (12th July 2023)
Fix: Fixed PHP warning in elementor.

3.1 (12th June 2023)
New: Added WPForms Views Elementor Widget.

3.0 (8th May 2023)
New: New better and fast View Builder!!!.

2.8.6 (17th April 2023)
Fix: Fix css issue on admin pages.
New: Added Google Maps & Delete Entries Addon information to upgrade page list.

2.8.5 (22nd March 2023)
Fix: Php warning on admin pages.

2.8.4 (21st Feb 2023)
Fix: Compatibilty fix for WPForms v1.8+.

2.8.3 (18th Jan 2023)
New: Added Help page.

2.8.2 (24th Dec 2022)
Fix: Updated upgrade links.

2.8.1 (30th Nov 2022)
New: Updated Field settings modal UI.

2.8 (14th Nov 2022)
New: Partial Entries created by WPForms Save and Resume addon will not be shown in view.
Fix: Multiple files uploaded from WPForms Upload field will display correctly.

2.7.4 (12th Oct 2022)
Tweak: Field Setting model cleaned up. (22nd Aug 2022)
Fix: Code Improvements.

2.7.3 (28th May 2022)
Fix: PHP warning for missing field labels.

2.7.2 (16th May 2022)
Tweak:Updated WordPress compatible version.
Fix: Made pagination text translatble.

2.7.1 (6th April 2022)
Fix: Sanitized pagination variable in query string.

2.7 (24th Jan 2022)
Tweaks: Added more info on features available in pro license.

2.6.9 (8th Dec 2021)
Tweaks: UI/UX improvements on Add new field modal & View layout in admin.

2.6.8 (30th Nov 2021)
Fix: WPForms Checkbox & Select fields will display values separated by comma in views.

2.6.7 (18th Nov 2021)
Fix: Fixed php warning in view if field is deleted from WPForms Form.

2.6.6 (7th Nov 2021)
New: Moved Settings icon to left side after label.
New: Custom Label input box will only display if Use Custom label checkbox is checked.

2.6.5 (1st Nov 2021)
New: Rows can now be reordered in view builder.

2.6.4 (17th Sep 2021)
New: Updated information about pro features.

2.6.3 (29th Aug 2021)
Fix: Textarea field not displaying new lines in text.

2.6.2 (29th July 2021)
Fix: Views columns displaying on other post types.

2.6.1 (2nd July 2021)
Fix: Sequence number not working correctly if there are multiple views on page.

2.6 (28th May 2021)
Fix: UI/UX improvements.

2.5 (14th May 2021)
New: Added Sequence Number field.
Fix: Pagination info was incorrectly display 0 on first page.
Fix: Entry ID field was not displaying in field list when View Source is changed.

2.4.2 (19th April 2021)
New: Added Entry ID field.

2.4.1 (6th April 2021)
Fix: Add Field Popup will now have scroll if there are too many fields in form.

2.4 (13th March 2021)
Fix: Updated fields selection model to display field types.

2.3 (25th Feb 2021)
Fix: PHP Warnings in View.

2.2 (28th Jan 2021)
Fix: UI Tweaks to View settings design.

2.1 (23rd Jan 2021)
Fix: Error when selecting new View Source.

2.0 (7th Jan 2021)
Fix: When adding Rows you will be asked for row layout selection first.
Fix: Minor design fixes

1.7 (4 Dec 2020)
Fix: Fields Popup in View not scrollable if there are too many fields in wpforms Form.

1.6 (10 Nov 2020)
Fix: Uploaded files from WPForms Form will display as links in View if files are not images.

1.5 (26th Oct 2020)
Fixed: Table will be scrollable if too there are too many columns in WpForms View

1.4 (16 Oct 2020)
Fix: Fixed issue with pagination

1.3 (23 Sep 2020)
Fix: Minor design fixes

1.2 (14 Sep 2020)
Fix: Uploaded file links will now display correctly

1.1 (4th Sep 2020)
New: Added filter wpforms-views-field-value to filter saved wpforms field value before displaying in the view

1.0 (25th Aug 2020)
Initial launch