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Pre Order Addon for WooCommerce – Advance Order/Backorder Plugin

Pre Order Addon for WooCommerce – Advance Order/Backorder Plugin


Knowing how many people are interested to get your product or how much they are willing to pay is important for entreprenures and startups. A pre order plugin is beneficial for influencers and innovators getting started with a new solution. With the help of our plugin, you can create a product and make it available for pre-orders without any advance payment. A pre-order feature gives you the freedom and mental peace of producing the next big solution for the world!


  • Dedicated list for pre orders
  • Button color and test customization options
  • Automatic email notification for administrators and customers
  • Clean and minimal order detail view for more convenience
  • Encourage customers to purchase with customized text
  • Have a definite and updated pre-orders overview

Automatic Installation

  1. Navigate to the WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for ‘Pre Order Addon for WooCommerce’.
  3. Click on Install and then Activate button.

Manual installation

  1. Upload the entire Pre-Order folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Visit ‘Plugins’.
  3. Activate the Pre-Order plugin.

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Please note that you need to have the WooCommerce plugin installed to activate this plugin.

سوالات متداول

Is this plugin compatible with WooCommerce block pages ?

No, This plugin isn’t fully compatible with WooCommerce block pages. You need to continue with shortcode pages.

Is it compatible with all WordPress themes ?

Compatibility with all themes is impossible, because there are too many, but generally if themes are developed according to WordPress and WooCommerce guidelines, Pre Order Addon for WooCommerce – Advance Order/Backorder Plugin is compatible with them.
Sometimes, especially when new versions are released, it might only require some time for them to be all updated, but you can be sure that they will be tested and will be working in a few days.

Where can I get support?

You can use the contact form on our website to report technical issues.

Do you offer customization support?

Yes, we would love work on your custom project. Please feel free to reach us using the contact form on our website.

Do you have a Pro version?

Not yet. But we have plans for it

نقد و بررسی‌ها

17 می 2023
Satisfied with this free plugin…..but when i activate this plugin, elementor doesn’t work.i can’t edit any pages via elementor…inspect element show lots off error..please solve this issue
13 اکتبر 2022
This is a great plugin, well designed, simple, efficient. Prepayments are not always a prerequisite 😉 Thank you.
9 دسامبر 2021 1 پاسخ
I do not understand why you do not allow customers to pay, we do not do everything for turnover, your plug-in actually do not allow customers to pay, how can this be called a reservation, how can be called a pre-order without payment. Strongly request to solve this problem, we do the European and American markets, are asking customers to pay immediately, if you do not pay now, after a while 90% chance he will not pay again.
9 سپتامبر 2021 1 پاسخ
There are a few pre-order plugins available but this one does exactly what I need, and nothing more. It’s hard to find good, solid plugins that don’t overreach or contain a ton of bloat for no reason. Nice work!
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مشارکت کنندگان

گزارش تغییرات

1.0.7 – June 24, 2024

  • Fix: Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function get_cart_contents_count()

1.0.6 – March 12, 2023

  • Fix methods not displaying inside checkout pay page

1.0.5 – March 12, 2023

  • Add classes to label, marker.

1.0.4 – March 11, 2023

  • Label placement setting added

1.0.2 – October 30, 2021

  • Tested up to wordpress v5.8

1.0.2 – July 10, 2021

  • Add default field value for release date label field
  • Improve UI
  • Customize “Pay Later” payment method
  • Display pre-order status to “WooCommerce Status” dashboard widget

1.0.1 – June 23, 2021

  • Fix woocommerce alert bug


  • Initial release