This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

WD Post Types


WD Post Types provides an easy interface for registering and managing custom post types, fields and taxonomies for your website.

It consists of tools that can help you create and maintain custom post types, custom taxonomies and most importantly, custom fields and metaboxes for your posts, pages or CPT’s.

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WD Post Types creating custom post types by providing an UI for all arguments of register_post_type() function.

WD Post Types Fields Creator offers an UI for setting up custom meta boxes with custom fields for your custom post types.

WD Post Types Group Creator offers an UI for setting up custom meta boxes within custom group for your custom post types.

WD Post Types Taxonomy Creator allows you to easily create and edit custom taxonomies for WordPress without any programming knowledge.

How it work

Types of custom fields

  • Text: Plain Text, Website, Phone, Password
  • Number: Plain Number, Currency
  • Textarea: Plain Paragraph Text
  • Textarea + WYSIWYG: Plain Paragraph Text, WYSIWYG (Visual Editor), Code (Syntax Highlighting)
  • Email: Email Address
  • Dropdown: Dropdown, Multi Select
  • Checkbox list: (Yes / No)
  • Date: Date and Time, Date, Time
  • Time: Date and Time, Date, Time
  • File upload: File / Image / Video (Media library and basic upload options available)
    with many other types.

Features included in the “Custom post types” plugin:

Create / edit custom post types.
Create / edit custom taxonomies.
Create / edit custom fields.
Create / edit custom field groups.
Create / edit custom shortcode from post type.
Create / edit custom template for post type view.

You can enable some of our included components to extend your WordPress site even further:
* Templates – Use our template engine to create templates that can be handed off to clients for care-free management
* Shortcode – Use shortcode create for any meta, taxonomies and custom post data.

“WD Post Types” is free and will save you time, and therefore money!
You can create post types, taxonomies, custom fields templates and shortcode easily in 5 minutes.
This plugin is written using only functions included in the WordPress core, so it does not reduce the performance of your website and does not cause compatibility problems.
You can use the “WD Post Types” plugin with any theme builder, with any theme and with any plugin. It’s perfect!

If you have suggestions for a new add-on, want any customization or other custom plugin, feel free to email me at or contact me.

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