PayU EU Payment Gateway for WooCommerce


PayU payment module for WooCommerce

The plugin offers the following payment methods:

  • PayU – standard – payer will be redirected to PayU’s hosted payment page where any available payment type configured on your POS can be chosen
  • PayU – bank list – payment type list will be displayed, depending on chosen type the payer will be either redirected directly to the bank or to PayU’s hosted payment page
  • PayU – payment card – payer will be redirected to PayU’s hosted card form where credit, debit or prepaid card data can be securely entered
  • PayU – secure form – a secure form collecting credit, debit or prepaid card data will be displayed
  • PayU – Blik – payer will be redirected to Blik’s page
  • PayU – installments – payer will be redirected to installment payment form
  • PayU – PayPo – payer will be redirected to PayPo payment form
  • PayU – Twisto – payer will be redirected to Twisto payment form

Detailed information about each method and its configuration can be found here.


If you have any questions or would like to raise an issue please contact our technical support.

Minimum Requirements

PayU merchant account – if you do not have an account you can register a production account or register a sandbox account

Note: Module works only with REST API POS type (POS type is configured in PayU merchant panel after you register).

Following PHP libraries are required: cURL i hash.

Automatic installation

Use automatic installation and activation available in WordPress admin panel. Module name is PayU EU Payment Gateway for WooCommerce.


Upon plugin update from version 1.X to version 2.X the existing config data will be automatically converted.

سوالات متداول

Does this load external javacript resources ?

Yes, it does. For card payment we used PayU Secure Form and for proper working it is necessary to load Secure Form JS SDK from the * domain. As a result, you do not need to have PCI DSS, PayU does it for you.


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  • Fixed link to repay in email
  • The shorter product name
  • Changed plugin url on github

2.0.14 – 2.0.17

  • Changes required by wordpress plugin teams (plugin name, change translate domain, sanitize variables, remove external js, update readme)


  • Fix method available for virtual products
  • Separate Twisto and PayPo


  • Fix calculate total for check min/max
  • Possibility to enable for virtual orders
  • Fix #43 php notice
  • Update Visa logo


  • Remove manual stock reduced
  • Remove unused REJECTED
  • Add filter woocommerce_payu_status_cancelled


  • PayU terms – info instead of checkbox
  • Better check shipping method, clean up


  • Fix not show installments, blik, card as separated method


  • Send mail to customer when status change from payu-waiting to processing


  • Fix show paymethods when WPML is active


  • Fix hide inactive method


  • Translate fix
  • Add filters for multicurrency support
  • Notice fix


  • Fix size gateway logotypes in some themes


  • Better js and css enqueue and optimize load methods
  • Better UX for bank icons


  • Fix #31 js loading dependency
  • Fix #30 remove 100% layout width
  • Fix #27 fix registration url


  • Fix change order status for virtual products


  • New version introducing many additional features e.g. many payment types, enhanced configuration options, order repayment.


  • Fix WPML compatibility


  • Add shipping method selector


  • Fix error when Multi-currency support is disabled in WPML


  • Moved lang to buyer
  • Fixed notice in notification


  • Added support for multicurrency provided by WPML


  • Sandbox added
  • Cleanup code


  • PayU SDK update


  • Fix calculate price in products
  • Update SDK


  • Fix for WooCommerce 3.x


  • added language to redirect URI
  • added e-mail notification
  • added stock reduce


  • Fixed extOrderId when other plugin changes WooCommerce order number


  • Add Oauth support


  • fix notifications


  • remove many pos config for currency