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WooCommerce Direct Checkout allows you to simplifies the checkout process by skipping the shopping cart page. The “Add to cart” button is added in each product to redirect customers to the checkout page. This can encourage buyers to shop more and quickly process the transaction, which can lead to a possible increase in sales.

Formerly WooCommerce Direct Checkout

This plugin was formerly known as “WooCommerce Direct Checkout”. WordPress forced us on August 8, 2019 to change the name of the plugin due to use of the “WooCommerce” word at the beginning of the name. We apologize for the problems that the downtime may have caused to you.

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WooCommerce Direct Checkout aims to simplify the checkout process, leading to an immediate increase in sales. This plugin for WooCommerce allows you to redirect users to the checkout instead of cart page, change the text and link of the added to cart alert and include the ajax add to cart button in the products pages.

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31 دسامبر 2019
This plugin is an excellent way to help guide your potential customers to the checkout page if all they want to do is buy one product without having to deal with the shopping cart before heading for the checkout page. However, for me...there is one nagging BUG in which the developers have told me they can't do anything to fix. I, like many stores, use a Quick View popup for our customers to view rather than having them view the full product page. This makes it easier for our customers to view important information about each product from the product archives page without having to leave it to view the full product page. BUT...the bug I have run into is the 'Purchase Now' button from within the Quick View popup. When you click on simply does not work as it should! I have tested this on 3 different Quick View popups (one that is built into my OceanWP theme, one that I purchased as a separate plugin and Direct Checkout for WooCommerce's own Quick View popup.) and in each case...when you click on the 'Purchase Now' does NOT go directly to the checkout page. What it does is adds the product to the cart and that's it! Basically another 'Add To Cart' button that reads 'Purchase Now'. When I contacted the developer...they basically said this is an issue with my theme and there is nothing they can do. BUT I then followed up and told them this is also an issue with their own 'Quick View' popup as well as a Quick View popup plugin I purchased. When I went back to check on the status to see if they replied...the ticket seems to have been deleted!!!??? I should mention however that the 'Purchase Now' button does work on the product pages sending the customer straight to the checkout page. But it would be real nice if the developer could FIX the issue with the 'Quick View' popups and the 'Purchase Now' buttons. Especially since they clearly show the product working within a Quick View popup on their own plugin promo page! I've looked for another 'Quick Purchase' solution but couldn't find one so my only hope is for the developer to FIX this BUG! Drew Las Vegas, NV


14 دسامبر 2019
Excellent plugin. Je recommande
6 دسامبر 2019
Works well. Seems essential to give the customer a smooth experience, and not confuse or lose them.
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* Fix: WooCommerce Direct Checkout


  • Fix: WooCommerce Direct Checkout products ajax add to cart


  • Fix: code refactoring


  • Fix: WooCommerce Ajax add to cart grouped products


  • Fix: suggestions plugins update
  • Fix: WooCommerce Direct Checkout products variations quick purchase


  • Fix. WooCommerce Direct Checkout Premium compatibility


  • Fix. WooCommerce Direct Checkout Premium compatibility


  • Fix. WooCommerce Direct Checkout rating request remove non admin users
  • Fix. WooCommerce Direct Checkout page permissions


  • Fix. WooCommerce Direct Checkout quick purchase button on safari


  • Fix. WooCommerce Direct Checkout quick view for variations


  • Fix. WooCommerce Direct Checkout quick button redirect in safari


  • Fix. WooCommerce Direct Checkout documentation link


  • Fix. WooCommerce Quick Purchase button empty
  • Fix. WooCommerce Stripe card form update


  • Fix. WooCommerce Stripe card form update


  • Improvement. readme update
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  • Fix. WooCommerce Direct Checkout renamed


  • Fix. WooCommerce Direct Checkout renamed
  • Fix. POT file updated


  • Fix. WooCommerce Direct Checkout renamed


  • Fix: woocommerce product addons compatibility


  • Fix: wordpress 5.2 compatibility


  • Fix: language textdomain
  • Fix: woocommerce quick view modal css


  • Fix: woocommerce quick view modal class


  • Fix: woocommerce quick purchase button


  • Fix: woocommerce ajax add to cart for single products temporary removed


  • Fix: woocommerce direct checkout old settings


  • Fix: woocommerce quick view modal button


  • Fix: woocommerce quick add to cart button


  • Fix: woocommerce ajax add to cart on single products


  • initial release of the woocommerce direct checkout by quadlayers