This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

WP SlideYourNet


SlideYourNet connector for WordPress

Insert a list of posts from social medias fetched by

Supported social media are: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

The Block

The SlideYourNet Block lets you insert posts from your social media into any pages.

Filter posts by network or search query, display author, date, media…

You can also override the CSS (style sheet) with your own theme, block per block.

The shortcode

Use the [syn] shortcode anywhere in your pages to display posts. Exactly the same features as the block, but you can insert in tricky places.



  • title=”


  • network=” (empty, twitter or facebook)
  • username=”
  • search=”
  • ref=” (empty value for anything, “yes” for repost only or “no” for original post only)


  • order_by=’pub_date’
  • order=’DESC’
  • per_page=5


  • display_date=” (boolean)
  • display_username=” (boolean)
  • display_avatar=” (boolean)
  • display_media=” (boolean)
  • stylesheet=’wpsyn’ (“wpsyn” for default stylesheet or “theme” for the wpsyn.css file within your theme, or none for no style from WP SYN or modern for a more modern look)
  • local_storage=” (boolean)
  • characters= 0 (integer) (0 for all, an integer for a number of characters displayed for the content)


[syn per_page=20 display_media=1 display_date=1 display_username=1 display_avatar=1 ref=no]

عکس‌های صفحه

  • Settings
  • The Block


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  • WP SlideYourNet


  1. Upload the plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress admin
  3. Go to settings » SlideYourNet and fill your credentials

سوالات متداول

Which social-medias are currently supported?

Actually, posts can only be fetched from twitter, facebook and Instagram, but RSS feed is on the go

Pay attention for Instagram, due to API restrictions, only business accounts connected to a Facebook page are supported.

Is this plugin usable out of the box?

No, you have to create an instance on in order to fetch posts.
You’ll just have to connect your social media accounts.


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  • Add attributes to block: title, layout and per-column
  • User wrapper becomes au whole link. Make avatar clickable
  • Refactor SCSS: fix gutter size, better responsive
  • Make texts more readable on gradients (a11y)
  • Add alternative grid for missing images
  • Remove wrapper for empty texts


  • Allows to override session/token block per block
  • Improves Modern template style: alpha filter, layout
  • Refactor: split SCSS source


  • Fix PHP notice: ensure var type on raw data storage


  • Add masonry theme on the block
  • Add live preview on the block
  • Add modern theme on the block
  • Give the choice between local storage and api for the block
  • Neste block settings in panels
  • Tell that legacy widget is deprecated


  • Manage multiple hashtags per taxonomy term
  • Allow multiple terms on a single post
  • Allow to add hashtag at term creation
  • Show hashtags in term lists
  • Add screenshots
  • Remove obsolete FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING
  • Manage i18n in block controls
  • Fix link to moderation page
  • Update credits and assets


  • Fix PHP Warnings on JS version calculation


  • Add missing static files


  • Add Gutenberg Blocks
  • Use pretty URL in example
  • Add link for settings in plugins list
  • Update credits
  • Remove warnings xhen no posts found


  • Fix textdomin in new strings
  • Remove useless translation files
  • Add missing files in SVN


  • Add local storage feature (optional)
  • Code refactor


  • Add CSS classes on list and items


  • Add many hooks


  • Add offset parameter to WidgetBuilder fetcher
  • Hide errors while fetching remote datas


  • Correctly save network settings


  • Keep old datas when API do not respond quickly enough
  • Add setting for API timeout
  • Fix warning when new setting is not set


  • Privacy: add remote images proxy
  • Correct network setting escapment
  • Set noopener to blank links
  • Use img instead of div.background
  • Escape special chars. remove PHP warnings


  • Add shortcode support


Initial release