Woo Gerencianet Oficial

Receba pagamentos por Boleto bancário e cartão de crédito em sua loja WooCommerce com a…

Gerencianet 900+ نصب فعال آزمایش‌شده با 4.8.13 بروزرسانی شده در 1 سال پیش

WP Plugin Info Card

WP Plugin Info Card displays plugins & themes data in a beautiful box with a…

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Add the power of Wikipedia to your Blog.

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DD – Business Card Widget

A semantic business information widget for wordpress. Sections for business name, address, contact, opening hours…

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Foloosi Payments

Foloosi Payments plugin to accept credit card and debit payments.

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Easy Flashcards

Easy Flashcard Plugin allows you to easily create,design and manage flashcards for your wordpress site.

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Menu Card

Menu Card Lets you build menu card of restaurants, with a shortcode.

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MTG Utilities

Basic utilities for Magic: the Gathering related websites. Use BBC code to display mana symbols,…

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Plugin Cards

Display plugin cards that match the style introduced in WordPress 4.0. Uses the wordpress.org API…

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Woo Braintree Payment

card,woocommerce,dropin,hosted fields,paypal,refunds,recurrent,recurring,card validation,CCV,CVV,CSC,AVS,merchant,payment gateway,ecommerce,e-commerce …

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