Cinza Grid


Cinza Grid is a minimal grid plugin built with Isotope by Metafizzy. It makes lightweight and flexible grids that can be easily customized with CSS.

Visit our website to view the plugin demo.

عکس‌های صفحه

  • Global grid options
  • Grid skin settings


Upload the Cinza Grid plugin to your WordPress site, activate it, and start creating grids.

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Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.

گزارش تغییرات


Release Date – 8th April, 2024

  • Added max number of items filtered
  • WP 6.5 compatibility test


Release Date – 14th February, 2024

  • Disabled single post frontend in register_post_type
  • WP 6.4.3 compatibility test


Release Date – 21st December, 2023

  • Added sort by ‘rand’
  • WP 6.4.2 compatibility test


Release Date – 24th August, 2023

  • WP repo file reupload


Release Date – 23rd August, 2023

  • Added ‘%excerpt%’ meta
  • Updated how skin input sanitization


Release Date – 1st August, 2023

  • Fixed filter support for button with slashes


Release Date – 28th June, 2023

  • Fixed filter support for multiple lines


Release Date – 16th June, 2023

  • Minor interface improvements


Release Date – 3rd May, 2023

  • Added %img(‘size’)% and %imgurl(‘size’)% to skin
  • Updated frontend style to fix mobile and one column layout
  • Updated frontend script to fix isotope trigger
  • Updated backend style and made accessibility improvements
  • Convert backend checkboxes into toggles
  • WP 6.2 compatibility test


Release Date – 27th January, 2023

  • Cinza website and demo URLs update
  • WP 6.1.1 compatibility test


Release Date – 11th December, 2022

  • Added layout modes (fitRow and masonry)
  • Fixed filter button “All” placeholder
  • Fixed filter buttons to accept the special character &
  • Disabled single posts
  • Backend responsiveness improvements


Release Date – 7th November, 2022

  • WP 6.1 compatibility test


Release Date – 20th October, 2022

  • Added query string support – For filters with single or multiple parameters, local scroll, and URL real time update
  • Added Developers meta box
  • Updated backend CSS
  • Updated plugin WP Repo assets
  • PHP v8.0 tests and fixes


Release Date – 15th September, 2022

  • Added new full width option
  • Added new javascript function for URL query filter
  • Added ‘%slug%’ meta
  • Added condition to check if Rank Math is active before filter exclude_post_type
  • Added new Rank Math filter set robots to noindex nofollow
  • Added new function for breakpoint styling
  • Improved meta field validations
  • Improved ‘%content%’ meta


Release Date – 20th July, 2022

  • Added custom skin meta for content
  • Set transition duration to 0.4 seconds
  • Style fixes


Release Date – 15th July, 2022

  • Fixed dynamic frontend style
  • Fixed JavaScript console errors
  • Fixed filter tags for grid items
  • Fixed filter_meta_replace and filter_tax_replace
  • Removed duplicated Metafizzy script
  • Removed skin debug strings for WP Queries


Release Date – 14th July, 2022

  • Added new parameters for WP Query: number of items, order by meta field, taxonomy and taxonomy terms


Release Date – 14th July, 2022

  • Fixed breakpoints
  • Added validations for filters and sorting functions


Release Date – 13th July, 2022

  • Added new settings for breakpoints, columns, min-height and spacing
  • Updated backend and frontend style
  • Fixed single grid item CSS class
  • Fixed skin meta tag function


Release Date – 29th June, 2022

  • Version 1.0.0 is finally ready!
  • Works with any post type and order
  • Custom skin setup for easy use of post details: title, url, thumbnail (image or url), date (any format), taxonomy (plaint text, with link and/or separator), any meta fields
  • Sort buttons, sorting by any the CSS class of the specified element entered in the skin
  • Filter buttons, filtering by the content of the specified element entered in the skin


Release Date – 1st June, 2022

  • WP 6.0 compatibility test


Release Date – 25th May, 2022

  • Custom Post Type and shortcode fixes


Release Date – 25th May, 2022

  • UI/UX improvements


Release Date – 18th May, 2022

  • Added custom skin meta for custom fields and taxonomy


Release Date – 17th May, 2022

  • Added custom skin meta for title, url, date (default and custom)


Release Date – 13th May, 2022

  • First beta release!