This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

CMC Hook


a. Targeted at developers for quick test and development of plugins
a. Register php functions to hooks ( action and filter ) live from wordpress dashboard tools.
b. Run php, html, css and javascript codes safely. php codes are enclosed between php tags eg. “”
c. Hooks can be disabled from the url, so your system can recover from erroneous php codes
d. create and quickly live test plugins from your website before deployment
e. Easy to use with shortcodes
f. Very extendable with other plugins as it has lots of filters and actions.


[cmchksh id=”” slug=””]

عکس‌های صفحه

  • Hooks
  • Hook – Filter
  • Hook – Action
  • Hook – File
  • Projects
  • Project Hooks
  • Settings

سوالات متداول

Minimum Requirements

wordpress 4.6.0
php 5.5

How to install

Upload the plugin to the wp-content\plugins folder of your wordpress installaiton and activate it

How to use

The plugin create a sub menu to tools admin menu called “cmc hook”
From the cmc hook menu you can create hooks which can be either a filter, action or file
The code editor of filter and action should not contain any class or function definition as they are run in annonymous functions
File hooks can have class and function definition.

In case there are php errors which hangs my site

You can deactivate hooks from url and even prevent all hooks from loading.

How To Deactivate hook

To deactivate hook, pass “cmchk_neg=cmchkrtk&cmchk_id=2,3” to the url. The cmchk_id is the id of the list of hooks you want to deactivate
Add “cmchk_run_on=none” to the url parameters to prevents all hooks from loading and running.
“cmchk_neg=token” must be present in the url parameters when deactivating any hook or project. The value of which is a security token which defaults to “cmchkrtk” and can be changed at the settings of “cmc hook” menu

What are Hook Projects

From the cmc hook menu projects can be created which houses a list of hooks and can be exported as a wordpress plugin
Projects have one main “run file” that runs when the project is loaded. This file calls all other project hooks. To include other project file hook use “cmchk_include( ‘slug’ )” function. The id is the slug of the hook file to load
Projects action and filters are loaded automatically when the project loads and must not be included in the run file.

Can I Deactivate Projects

Projects can be deactivated remotely by adding to the url parameters “cmchk_pid=4,5” where cmchk is the id of the projects to deactivate

What is safe mode

Hooks can also be run in safe mode. This allows hooks to only run when “cmchk_safe=id” is appended to the url parameters. The id is the id of hook

Can I choose not to use codemirror

Codemirror is provided as the coded editor but can be disabled at the settings to use plain textarea

Should i use php tags

Php codes must be code tags eg. “”. The same apply to javascript and css.

Can I use html javascript and css in the code editor

A misture of html, php, javascript and css can be used in the code editor





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