بهینه ساز تصویر EWWW


Are you frustrated by a slow website? Do over-sized images make you say “ewww”… Let EWWW Image Optimizer help you make your site faster, improve your bounce rate, and boost your SEO. But most importantly, make your visitors happier so they keep coming back for more.

With EWWW IO you can optimize all your existing images, from any plugin, and then let EWWW IO take care of new image uploads automatically.

چرا از EWWW Image Optimizer استفاده می کنید?

  1. No Speed Limits and unlimited file size.
  2. دستیابی ساده با بهینه سازی پیکسل کامل با استفاده از ابزارهای پیشرو صنعت و رندر پیشرفته.
  3. High Torque as we bring you the best compression/quality ratio available with our Premium compression for JPG, PNG, and PDF files.
  4. Adaptive Steering with intelligent conversion options to get the right image format for the job (JPG, PNG, GIF, or WebP).
  5. Free Parking The core plugin is free and always will be. However, our paid services offer up to 80% compression, and a host of other features!
  6. Comprehensive Coverage: no image gets left behind, optimize everything on your site, not just the WordPress Media Library.
  7. ایمنی اول : تمام ارتباطات با رمزگذاری SSL بالا امن است.
  8. کمک های کنار جاده ای : پشتیبانی از سطح بالا در DNA ما است. در حالی که مشتریان API به اولویت اصلی ما می رسند، ما به هر یک از پرسش های پشتیبانی با مراقبت پاسخ می دهیم.
  9. بسته بندی : نسخه پشتیبان تهیه عکس رایگان تصاویر 30 روزه خود را ذخیره می کند.

EWWW IO is the only plugin that lets you optimize images using tools on your own server (jpegtran, optipng, pngout, pngquant, gifsicle, cwebp). If you feel the need for more speed, get more compression and offload the CPU-intensive process of optimization to our specialized servers.

Automatic Everything

With Easy IO, images are automatically compressed, scaled to fit the page and device size, lazy loaded, and converted to the next-gen WebP format.


Stuck? Feeling like maybe you DO need that rocket science degree? We provide free one-on-one email support to everyone.
Do you have an idea to make EWWW IO even better? Share it and vote on future features!
Found a bug? Report the issue on GitHub, and we’ll get it fixed!

بهینه سازی فله

Optimize all your images from a single page. This includes the Media Library, your theme, and a handful of pre-configured folders (see Optimize Everything Else below). GRAND FlaGallery, NextCellent and NextGEN have their own Bulk Optimize pages.

بهینه سازی همه چیز دیگر

Configure any folder within your WordPress install to be optimized. The Bulk Optimizer will compress theme images, BuddyPress avatars, BuddyPress Activity Plus images, Meta Slider slides, WP Symposium Pro avatars, GD bbPress attachments, Grand Media Galleries, and any user-specified folders. You can also use Scheduled optimization or run the optimizer from WP-CLI if that’s more your thing.

Plugin Compatibility

EWWW IO has been tested with hundreds (if not thousands) of plugins and themes, here are just a few of the most common ones: BuddyPress (Activity Plus add-on too), Cloudinary, Easy Watermark, FooGallery, GD bbPress Attachments, GRAND FlAGallery, Gmedia Photo Gallery, MediaPress, Meta Slider, Microsoft Azure Storage, MyArcadePlugin, NextGEN Gallery, Regenerate Thumbnails, WP Offload Media, WPML, WP Retina 2x, WP RSS Aggregator, WP Symposium. Read more…

تصاویر WebP

If you want simple, get automatic WebP conversion with Easy IO, and be done with it! Otherwise, you can generate WebP versions of your images with the Bulk Optimizer, and deliver them to supported browsers. Take your pick between Apache-style rewrite rules, JS WebP Rewriting, and WebP Rewriting. EWWW IO even works with the WebP option in the Cache Enabler plugin from KeyCDN.


به شما این امکان را می دهد که به جای رابط وب، تمام فرآیند بهینه سازی فله را از خط فرمان خود اجرا کنید. این بسیار سریعتر است و به شما اجازه می دهد تا چیزهایی مانند اجرای آن را در صفحه نمایش یا از طریق cron معمولی (به جای wp-cron که می تواند در سایت های کم ترافیکی غیر قابل پیش بینی باشد) انجام دهید. WP-CLI را از wp-cli.org نصب کنید و برای کسب اطلاعات بیشتر از wp-cli.phar کمک بگیرید ewwio optimize یا مستندات .

پشتیبانی CDN

WP Offload Media is the officially supported (and recommended) plugin for uploads to Amazon S3, Digital Ocean Spaces, and Google Cloud Storage. Check our compatibility list for details on other plugins. All pull mode CDNs like Cloudflare, KeyCDN, MaxCDN, and Sucuri CloudProxy work automatically, but will require you to purge the cache after a bulk optimization.

ترجمه ها

Huge thanks to all our translators, see the full list!

If you would like to help translate this plugin, join the team.
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Written by Shane Bishop with special thanks to my Lord and Savior. Based upon CW Image Optimizer, which was written by Jacob Allred at Corban Works, LLC. CW Image Optimizer was based on WP Smush.it. Jpegtran is the work of the Independent JPEG Group. PEL is the work of Martin Geisler, Lars Olesen, and Erik Oskam. Easy IO and HTML parsing classes based upon the Photon module from Jetpack.

عکس‌های صفحه

  • صفحه تنظیمات افزونه
  • ستون بهینه اضافی به فهرست رسانه ها اضافه شده است. شما می توانید پس انداز خود را ببینید، به صورت دستی بهینه سازی تصاویر فردی و بازگرداندن اصل (فقط تبدیل).
  • صفحه بهینه سازی فله شما می توانید تمام تصاویر خود را به طور همزمان بهینه سازی کنید و یک بهینه سازی فله قبلی را بازگردانید. این برای وبلاگهای موجود که تصاویر زیادی دارند بسیار مفید است.


  1. افزونه “ewww-image-optimizer” را در wp-content / plugins / directory خود آپلود کنید.
  2. افزونه را از طریق منوی Plugins در وردپرس فعال کنید.
  3. این افزونه به طور اتوماتیک شما را برای نصب jpegtran، optipng و gifsicle تلاش خواهد کرد. این امر مستلزم آن است که پوشه wp-content توسط کاربر در حال اجرا از سرور وب قابل نوشتن است.
  4. If the binaries don’t run locally, you may sign up for cloud-based optimization: https://ewww.io/plans/
  5. توصیه شده برای فعال / غیرفعال کردن ابزارهای خاص و فعال کردن ویژگی های بهینه سازی پیشرفته، صفحه تنظیمات را مشاهده کنید.
  6. انجام شد!

If these steps do not work, see the additional documentation. If you need further assistance using the plugin, please visit our Support Page.

وب هاست

برای پیدا کردن اینکه آیا وبسایت شما با EWWW Image Optimizer کار می کند، می توانید لیست رسمی . را بررسی کنید.

سوالات متداول

Google Pagespeed می گوید تصاویر من نیاز به فشرده سازی یا تغییر اندازه دارند، اما من قبلا تمام تصاویرم را بهینه سازی کرده ام. چکار کنم?

Try this for starters: https://docs.ewww.io/article/5-pagespeed-says-my-images-need-more-work

افزونه شکایت میکند که چیزی از دست دادهام، چه کاری باید انجام دهم?

This article will walk you through installing the required tools (and the alternatives if installation does not work): https://docs.ewww.io/article/6-the-plugin-says-i-m-missing-something

آیا افزونه جایگزین تصاویر موجود است?

بله، اما فقط اگر نسخه بهینه شده کوچکتر باشد. این افزونه نباید یک تصویر بزرگتر ایجاد کند.

آیا می توانم تصاویر خود را با این افزونه تغییر اندازه دهم?

بله، شما می توانید، آن را در زبانه تغییر اندازه تنظیم کنید.

آیا می توانم تنظیم فشرده سازی JPG ها را برای صرفه جویی در فضای بیشتر کاهش دهم?

Our premium compression can determine the ideal quality setting and give you the best results, but you may also adjust the default quality for conversion and resizing. Read more…

به نظر می رسد بهینه ساز فله کار نمی کند، چه کاری می توانم انجام دهم?

See https://docs.ewww.io/article/39-bulk-optimizer-failure for full troubleshooting instructions.

سیستم عامل های پشتیبانی شده چیست?

I’ve tested it on Windows (with Apache), Linux, Mac OSX, FreeBSD, and Solaris. The cloud API will work on any OS.

من می خواهم بیشتر در مورد بهینه سازی تصویر بدانم، و چرا این گزینه ها / ابزار را انتخاب کردید.

That’s not a question, but since I made it up, I’ll answer it. See this resource:


3 مارس 2021
Thanks perfect pelogin چوخ گوزل هرچه قدر تصویردارید فشرده میکنه حتما در کنارش یک پلاگین بارگزاری تنبل هم برای سرعت وبسایت نصب کنید
3 مارس 2021
I've been using EWWW Image Optimizer for about 6 months, we have multiple authors who all post multiple images per day. It's been great to first optimize our yearslong backlog of images, and also to put a cap on the image size for new uploads, as well as optimize them as they're posted. Took a big chunk out of the size of the uploads folder, and made the site faster. Very happy!
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“بهینه ساز تصویر EWWW” به 25 زبان ترجمه شده است. Thank you to the translators for their contributions.

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  • Feature requests can be viewed and submitted on our feedback portal
  • If you would like to help translate this plugin in your language, join the team


  • fixed: syntax error on PHP 7.2 or less


  • security: new version of PNGOUT available on settings page (if enabled)
  • added: compatibility with Phoenix Media Rename plugin
  • changed: Easy IO supports img tags with SVG images
  • fixed: bulk optimizer gives incorrect message about not enough credits for unlimited plans
  • fixed: db install workaround for MariaDB 10.4 bug
  • fixed: errors with custom db setups when DB_* constants are not defined
  • fixed: error with JS WebP when a class attribute with no value is encountered


  • changed: more reliable Cloudflare detection for WebP delivery methods
  • fixed: lazy load for external CSS breaking div elements in JS/JSON
  • fixed: call to undefined function from Imsanity
  • fixed: database upgrade check triggers error on MySQL 8.0.17+
  • fixed: delete originals tool is slow
  • fixed: wpdb error when attempting to run migration routine for fresh installs


  • added: tool to delete originals from WP 5.3+ auto-scaling behavior (Tools menu)
  • added: JS WebP recognizes video elements added via JS (e.g. infinite scroll)
  • added: automatically convert GIF to PNG during new uploads, unless animated
  • added: JS WebP and picture WebP auto-detect configuration for S3 Uploads and WP Stateless
  • added: Lazy Load for external CSS and separate style blocks (div elements only for now)
  • added: Easy IO/CDN rewriting for Ultimate Member AJAX-powered activity wall
  • changed: settings UI revamped with wizard for first-time installs
  • changed: automatic PNG to JPG threshold lowered to 250kb
  • changed: extensions for WP_Image_Editor now disabled by default, use EWWW_IMAGE_OPTIMIZER_ENABLE_EDITOR constant to enable them
  • changed: JS WebP can be used with picture WebP + Lazy Load to support CSS background images
  • changed: better compatibility with Theia Smart Thumbnails
  • changed: Lazy Load auto-sizing will no longer decrease the image size, only increasing is allowed
  • changed: filter to include additional HTML element types via eio_allowed_background_image_elements filter for Lazy Load and Easy IO
  • fixed: compatibility between Easy IO and Autoptimize
  • fixed: Easy IO uses hard crop when constraining an image via a width/height found in the style attribute
  • fixed: Easy IO uses hard-coded wp-content/ and wp-includes/ paths in some cases
  • fixed: Easy IO not activating properly when plugin is activated network-wide for multi-site installs
  • fixed: database upgrade throws errors on MariaDB 10.4.x
  • fixed: WebP .htaccess error in Vary header rule
  • fixed: Easy IO doubles part of image URL when there are no thumbnails, but one is requested by a plugin or theme
  • fixed: Easy IO minifier breaks Beaver Builder
  • fixed: Lazy Load breaks Beaver Builder text editor
  • removed: JS defer with Easy IO, use SWIS Performance instead: https://ewww.io/swis/


  • security: improper nonce verification for Nextgen bulk optimizer initialization (minor severity)
  • changed: Easy IO verification performed via API for better reliability
  • fixed: Easy IO missing https availability for admin-ajax.php requests when home_url is using plain http
  • fixed: Easy IO silently fails to rewrite URLs when using CNAME with WP Offload Media
  • fixed: wp_lazy_loading_enabled filter should have 3 parameters
  • fixed: Easy IO shows alert for domain change when a non-default WPML language is active
  • fixed: JS WebP does not auto-detect WP Offload Media CNAME


  • fixed: Easy IO parser has typo in $webp_quality variable


  • added: SVG optimization, huge thanks to @samsk for making this happen!
  • added: WebP quality setting, changed default to 75
  • fixed: Lazy Load and other front-end parsers breaks JSON-encoded img elements
  • fixed: Easy IO adds excess markup for images with height and/or width set to ‘auto’
  • fixed: memory_limit check should be case-insensitive: g vs. G
  • fixed: PHP error during detection of Cache Enabler’s WebP option
  • fixed: table upgrade routine error when primary key already exists
  • fixed: deleting files by always using realpath, props @ocean90
  • fixed: Easy IO skips images in AJAX Load More requests


  • added: alert on domain change for Easy IO, like if you clone from a production environment to staging
  • changed: Easy IO domain and plan_id refresh automatically when visiting settings page
  • changed: better JS WebP and WPBakery Page Builder compatibility
  • changed: restore savings gauge for network settings page
  • fixed: resize detection visible for editors, should be admin-only
  • fixed: (force) re-optimize not working with parallel mode
  • fixed: upload error when WP cannot load image editor


  • added: cleanup tool if you no longer need local WebP copies of images
  • added: resizing results displayed in bulk & single optimization report
  • changed: The browser-native portion of the Lazy Load feature obeys the wp_lazy_loading_enabled filter
  • fixed: plugin tables do not have PRIMARY indexes
  • fixed: Third-party plugins sometimes set erroneous WebP quality values
  • fixed: Show Re-optimized Images lists images in reverse order
  • fixed: cannot skip to last page of re-optimized images
  • fixed: Scheduled Optimizer skips files that need scaling/resizing if they have already been compressed
  • fixed: Lazy Load placeholders not rewritten for CDN usage by Autoptimize and WP Offload Media Assets Add-on

Earlier versions

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