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Shortcode integration for Flash MP3 Player from


Upload the mmmp3 plugin to your blog, Activate it, Use the shortcode in your posts.

سوالات متداول

I’m getting a PHP error
  • Are you running PHP5 or greater? It’s required.
  • Are you running WordPress 3.0 or later? It’s required as well.
What shortcode attributes are available
  • src : substitute attribute for mp3
  • mp3 : URL to MP3 to be played
  • config : The URL of the configuration text file, similar to config_maxi.txt
  • configxml : The URL of the configuration XML file, similar to config_maxi.xml
  • autoplay : 1 to auto-play
  • autoload : 1 to auto-load
  • loop : 1 to loop
  • skin : The URL of the JPEG file (not progressive) to load
  • volume : The initial volume, between 0 and 200.
  • showstop : 1 to show the STOP button
  • showinfo : 1 to show the INFO button
  • showvolume : 1 to show the VOLUME butotn
  • showslider : 0 to hide the player bar
  • showloading : Loading bar display mode; autohide, always, or never
  • loadingcolor : The color of the loading bar
  • bgcolor1 : The first color of the background gradient
  • bgcolor2 : The second color of the background gradient
  • buttoncolor : The color of the buttons
  • buttonovercolor : Hover color of buttons
  • slidercolor1 : The first color of the bar gradient
  • slidercolor2 : The second color of the bar gradient
  • sliderovercolor : Hover color of the bar
  • textcolor : The text color.
  • bgcolor : The background color
  • buttonwidth : The buttons width. By default set to 26.
  • sliderwidth : The slider width. By default set to 20.
  • sliderheight : The slider height. By default set to 10.
  • volumewidth : The width of the VOLUME button. By default set to 30.
  • volumeheight : The height of the VOLUME button. By default set to 6
  • byteslimit : If it is a mp3 streaming, the stream will restart at the bytes limit, for prevent overload.
keyboard shortcuts
  • space : Play/Pause
  • P : Play/Pause
  • S : Stop
  • I : Show informations
  • left : 5 seconds backward
  • right : 5 seconds forward
    • : Volume up
    • : Volume down


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  • Initial release of plugin. Basic functionality, Supports all shortcode attributes for the properties listed here