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This plugin is an useful system to manage all your booking.


  1. Install and activate the plugin.


2 می 2019
This plugin works fine as he promised, but have the worst html I've ever seen. All classes have a generic name, css customizations are impossible.
10 می 2018
Sorry to say but html outputs from this plugin have the worst code quality I've ever seen. Everything have same class, no way to select specific element to apply custom css. If they want to apply 10px height, they have a class for that. Background white, another class for that and bla bla bla. This is the way this plugin shows button: <a style="border:2px solid #78635a; color:#78635a;" href=".." class="nd_booking_padding_15_30_important nd_options_second_font_important nd_booking_border_radius_0_important nd_booking_background_color_transparent_important nd_booking_cursor_pointer nd_booking_display_inline_block nd_booking_font_size_11 nd_booking_font_weight_bold nd_booking_letter_spacing_2" target="_self">BOOK NOW FROM 25 $</a> Every element have same classes but not a single unique class to identify what the element is. This makes it impossible to customize elements
20 فوریه 2018
Excellent, but missing possibility to set up accommodation for children. For example: Room for two adults + one child (free).
19 فوریه 2018
a good plugin with great potential
20 دسامبر 2017
Easy to use plugin, very good / luxury looking , you can see it there [ link redacted ] Unfortunately it doesn't suit my particular needs so i had to uninstall it. Thank for your job.
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  • added alert messages addons
  • added info price icon addons on room preview in the search page
  • added branch selector addons in the search page


  • updated metabox function for save all datas in db ( deleted all empty meta datas )
  • changed exceptions date format
  • changed single room layout


  • added nonce on ajax calls


  • sanitize POST and REQUEST calls
  • added wp_remote_get() function for external requests ( stripe,paypal )


  • sanitize, validate, and escape all datas on POST and GET requests
  • improved plugins_url()
  • added nonce on ajax calls
  • removed import/export feature


  • added some IDs on elements


  • added compatibility with latest wp version


  • added the possibility to change the slug for custom post type 1
  • improved the export option feature


  • changed some 404 static link


  • fixed post_id null variable on paypal payment


  • add new layout 5 on rooms component
  • add new layout 2 on search component
  • added new classes on style.css
  • implemented ajax services filter on search results shortcode
  • updated .pot file


  • added the possibility to blog the reservation on certain days
  • added minimum booking days option


  • updated languages .pot file
  • added Stripe payment methods addon
  • added VAT and City TAX management
  • added the possibility to add orders via admin panel


  • updated languages .pot file
  • added the possibility to link translated room with its default room when using WPML
  • fixed date format when user book a room in the current day


  • fixed special characters in order notification emails
  • added wp_mail() function to send email notifications


  • show all rooms in calendar view dashboard feature
  • added new translations strings on email template
  • added new translations strings on thank you and order page
  • fixed week price problem on single room page
  • extended the custom link feature for single room page


  • direct booking access from the single room page


  • updated .pot language file
  • updated date picker language with date_i18n function
  • added register and login alert on booking step


  • added calendar view for better orders management


  • added coupon management
  • added price guests options on plugin settings


  • added new quantity options on room settings metabox


  • added the possibility to set in plugin settings the price range values on the search archive page.


  • added translations for date picker
  • added action parameter on search visual composer component for WPML integration
  • updated nd-booking.pot file with new translations


  • added email notification templates
  • solved integer night number on search shortcode


  • update nd_booking_get_room_link() function


  • improve external booking integration implementation


  • added layout-2 for steps and orders components ( for better color management )
  • added ID in some elements
  • added some new css rules


  • create new cpt
  • create new metabox


  • Initial version