This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

StackOverflow Profile


The Stackoverflow Profile Widget is a WordPress widget that displays a
summary of your profile on the website. It shows your
reputation, the number and kind of medals you’ve achieved, and a
selected list of answers you have posted in StackOverflow. For each
answer, it displays the question’s title, the answer’s score, and
the time the answer was last edited.

You can limit the number of answer entries to display. You can sort the
list based on score or date.

The widget uses the StackExchange API, version 2.0, in order to retrieve

It caches the content for a configurable period.

مورد نیاز

  • json_decode / json_encode must be available.
  • PHP5.2 or higher
  • StackOverflow API Key is optional (


This plugin was initially based on and inspired by the Stackoverflow
Answers Widget from Mohammed Alsharaf. That code is licensed under the
New BSD license.

Under the terms of that license, I am acknowledging the origins of this
code. See the License-Alsharaf.txt file for full details.

This plugin differs from that one in that:

  • it uses the official Stackexchange API
  • it caches results properly
  • it displays medal counts
  • it uses a nicer skin
  • can display upvoted answers, or any answers.


Thanks for your interest!

You can make a donation at

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-Dino Chiesa

عکس‌های صفحه

  • This shows the rendering of the Widget in the sidebar of a WP blog.
  • This shows how to activate the widget in the Plugins menu in the WP Admin backend
  • Configuring the settings for the stackoverflow widget in the WP Admin backend.


  1. Upload plugin folder to the wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Go to plugin page in WordPress, and click “Activate”
  3. Go to widgets page in WordPress and drag StackOverflow Answers Widget to a widget area.
  4. Set configuration
    a. Set widget title.
    b. User number can be found in profile URL ([Your User Number]/[Your Username])
    c. Consumer Key can be found by registering your widget ( This is optional.
    d. Set number of questions to show.
    e. Set how you want to sort the list.

نقد و بررسی‌ها

نقد و بررسی‌ای برای این افزونه یافت نشد.

توسعه دهندگان و همکاران

“StackOverflow Profile” نرم افزار متن باز است. افراد زیر در این افزونه مشارکت کرده‌اند.

مشارکت کنندگان

ترجمه “StackOverflow Profile” به زبان شما.

علاقه‌ مند به توسعه هستید؟

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گزارش تغییرات


  • attempt to be more ssl aware, don’t force http:// scheme
  • updated “tested up to” to 4.4.1


  • corrected usage of register_widget() and wp_register_style()
  • included a safe-redirect to prevent direct access to the widget


  • Fixed 2 bugs in soClient.php – wasnt properly filling cache files.


  • Now adds a “Latest” sort option, which grabs the most recently edited
    answers. This is in contrast to the “newest” sort option, which
    selects the answers with the most recent creation date. Also I removed
    the “oldest” sort option, because it was dumb.
  • Refactored all interaction with Stackoverflow into a reusable SOEntity
    class and various other derived classes
  • Fixed the caching to do it properly, in the SOEntity class.


  • initial release – starting from satrun77’s widget
  • Get current with StackExchange API 2.0
  • Efficient CSS via conditional wp_enqueue_style
  • cache lifetimes are configurable now
  • now renders with a recognizable Stackoverflow-like skin
  • Screenshots are now included in the distribution
  • General Code cleanup