This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Unlock Protocol


Unlock is a protocol for memberships which lets any creator monetize their content in a permissionless way.

You can try a demo on this site where the content of the post changes on whether the visitor is a member or not.

In order to become members, visitors need to be using a web3 enabled wallet such as MetaMask or a web browser with an embeded wallet, such as Opera. They also need a balance of crypto-currency in order to purchase the memberships.

Getting Started

If you’d like to add a lock to your site, start by deploying your first lock.

While the lock is deploying you should download this plugin from the WordPress site. Then, from the administration of your website, in the Plugins section, click on the Add New button and then on the Upload Plugin button to upload the plugin.

Note: To allow new users to log in using their Ethereum wallet with a single click, make sure that Settings > General > Anyone can register (for single sites) or Network Settings > Allow new registrations > User accounts may be registered (for multisites) is enabled. Your existing users can link their wallets to their WordPress user account regardless of this setting.

Writing locked stories

The plugin provides you with “Block” which can be used in the Gutenberg Editor, for posts and pages.

Unlock Protocol: This block is used to add a lock(s) to the content inside the page/post. To add the block inside the page/post please follow the below steps:

  1. Click on Post -> Add New
  2. To add a block you just need to click on “+” in the editor.
  3. Enter Unlock Protocol in the search.
  4. Unlock Protocol block will be shown. Click on the block, the block gets added.
  5. You will be able to see block settings on the right side. From block settings, add at least one lock, select the right network and, enter its address.

Once your page or post includes the content you need, you can preview its content like any other WordPress post or page. We recommend the use of a web3 wallet which supports multiple accounts so that you can easily toggle between accounts which are already members and accounts which are not members yet!


This plugin is, like all of the Unlock code, open source. You’re encouraged to fork it and make any changes you’d like! If you believe these changes would be beneficial to others, we encourage you to also open a Pull Request so that we could add these to the main branch released on the website!

Local Development

To setup local development environment for the plugin using Lando local dev environment, simply clone the repo from GitHub and write

lando start

About live editing, from the assets directory, when editing the main.scss, you can run:

lando npm run start

when editing any block related JS or CSS, use:

lando npm run start:blocks

when editing any admin related JS or CSS:

lando npm run start:admin

It should do the auto reload and provide you with live changes.

Publishing the plugin

In order to update the plugin, check out the current subversion state with

svn co

Then, from the GitHub repo clone, inside the assets folder, write

lando npm run release

This will generate a zip file in dist directory, unzip that file and copy the content to trunk directory in svn repo and commit the changes into svn with

svn ci -m "commit message"

Then, tag the new version (replace X and Y!) to release it:

svn cp trunk tags/X.Y
svn ci -m "tagging version X.Y"

Additionnaly, please make sure you tag the version on Github:

git tag -a X.Y -m "tagging version X.Y"
git push origin X.Y

And finally create the release on Github’si UI


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  • Unlock Protocol

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23 اکتبر 2022
The Unlock protocol is just brilliant, it will be good if this plugin gets further development and add more features and integrations with popular page builders like Elementor, WPBakery, and others.. Anyway, it still has 5 stars from me as it is a really simple to use and useful plugin!
26 ژانویه 2022
This plugin is Unlock Protocol packed into an easy to use package. Install it, and your posts are automatically compatible with Web3. Learning to use Unlock's dashboard and web wallets is the hard part, using this plugin is incredibly easy and straightforward.
12 دسامبر 2019
Unlock is doing a great job creating an easy way for creators to monetize their content. I have big hopes that the blockchain can solve many of the current challenges and Unlock is definitely making the first steps. The plugin allows for an easy integration and way to create a wpywall for your content. Its crypto centric so ETH and DAI/SAI but they have a credit card option (which you need to email the unlock team about to use) – but its an awesome way to put up a decentralised paywall.
خواندن تمامی 4 بررسی‌

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  • Updated RPC endpoints


  • Fixing auth endpoint


  • Changed default RPC endpoint for gnosis chain
  • support for PHP7.0
  • checkout URL customization
  • endpoint customization


  • Switching RPC check to use getHasValidKey so that it can grant access based on the hasValidKeyHook


  • Adding support for blocks with multiple locks


  • Brand new plugin with updated UI
  • User can login to the WordPress site by using Unlock Protocol account.
  • Pre-filled networks
  • Setting to add/delete networks.
  • Setting to customize the login and checkout button.
  • User is linked with the Unlock Protocol site.
  • Now the login and purchase is validated from the Unlock Protocol site and content is displaying after the user has the correct access on that specific content.
  • Added new Hooks.


  • Uses the latest Unlock paywall script


  • each post/page can have a different configuration
  • block setting is now visible inside of the Editor


  • Button is not only visible when content is locked


  • Cleanup


  • Supporting nested blocks.


  • Initial version