Using simple shortcodes provided by the WeatherWizz plugin you can now feed your WeatherWizz dashboard weather
data directly into your wordpress site.

How to use?

Step 1. On the plugin page, enter your WeatherWizz Station ID (this can be found at the top right of your weatherwizz account page) and then click GET.
Step 2. This will bring up a list of shortcodes for each sensor that you supply to WeatherWizz from your weather station. Choose the sensor you want to display on your website and copy the shortcode.
Step 3. Using a text editor in wordpress, simply paste the shortcode where you want your sensor data to appear. See examples below.

Today the temperature in my garden is {{ww_abc.oc}}c

When the page is opened this will be displayed as:
Today the temperature in my garden is 18.7c.

See more examples here

سوالات متداول

What weather stations can I use?

Any weather station that is connected to WeatherWizz via meteobridge, weatherbridge, weather display software, cumulusMX, Ecowitt, Ambient, Fine Offset.

How often is my data updated?

Your weather data is updated automatically every 30 seconds.


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