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WP Swiper Gutenberg Block is the most modern free mobile touch slider with hardware accelerated transitions and amazing native behavior. This powerful plugin is designed to be used in mobile websites, mobile web apps, and mobile native/hybrid apps, providing you with a range of features and customization options to help you create stunning slideshows, image galleries, and more.


  • Use any block available in Gutenberg to create your slider
  • Hardware accelerated transitions for fast and smooth animations
  • Customize every aspect of your slider, including navigation and pagination options, autoplay settings, and more
  • Mobile-first design ensures your sliders look great on any device
  • Multiple slide layouts to choose from, including horizontal and vertical options
  • Dynamic content support, including support for video slides and dynamic image sources
  • Easy to use and beginner-friendly, with a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls
  • Built with performance in mind, ensuring your sliders load quickly and efficiently

WP Swiper Gutenberg Block is the ultimate tool for creating visually stunning displays on mobile devices. Whether you’re creating a mobile website, mobile web app, or mobile native/hybrid app, WP Swiper Gutenberg Block has everything you need to create beautiful and engaging slideshows, image galleries, and more.

Download WP Swiper Gutenberg Block today and take your mobile displays to the next level!

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New Features and suggestions Contact Me


I use this plugin internally to build awesome sliders. At the moment only essential Swiper options are available. More to come!!!

If you urgently need a feature, please reach out to me.
If you are a designer and have an interface design in mind, let me know.

The backend UI is not the prettiest thing at the moment. But it’s very intuitive and does the job! The interface is set up as a series of tabs, each tab controls a slide. Click on the tab and you may upload an image. Click on the WP Swiper block and you can control slider overlay + color overlay.

Another note re: backend UI, the original idea was generate the functional slider within the editor. But theres an issue with conteneditable HTML elements. I lodged an issue on official swiper github repo for them to resolve. Leave a comment for them to prioritise the solution.

If you want to use the slide with text.
Select slide, add image, the image gonna appear as a background on the frontend.
If you want to use the slider for images, just add a regular image block.


  • Add image overlay for the whole slider + control opacity
  • Add color overlay for the whole slider + control opacity
  • Add image to the slider
  • Add content (text, headings, anything…) to the slider
  • Position content for each slider

More Features to be added:

  • Control height of the slider
  • Animations
  • Other features from the official swiper docs

عکس‌های صفحه


Installing WP Swiper is easy, go to your WordPress admin panel and click on Plugins > Add New, searching for “WP Swiper”.
Alternatively, you can install the plugin manually by downloading the plugin from wordpress.org/plugins
1. Upload the entire WP Swiper folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
3. Customize the plugin from the menu by selecting WP Swiper in the sidebar.

نقد و بررسی‌ها

11 جولای 2024
After exhaustive research I found this awesome plugin that helped me build a row slider. I think it’s the only one available that will do this exact thing. I am so pleased. Thanks for this super useful plugin.
13 ژوئن 2024
Just wanted to chime in and add to the positive reviews so far – great implementation of SwiperJS and so far this plugin does exactly what I needed…! Lightweight and clean setup and the straight-forward possibility to add nested blocks to each slides is what makes it stand out for me. Many thanks for sharing this & keep it up!
21 فوریه 2024 1 پاسخ
WP Swiper is one of the best out of all WP Sliders I’ve tried, and I’ve tried about 15 of them because: it uses SwiperJS which does not have a jQuery dependency. Well, there are about 5 others like this using same library, but few of them support the next option it supports the “Slides per View” option, so it can be used normally as a Logo slider. Btw, Gutenslider, for example, asks money for this option (???) each slide can be any content, so creating linkable images is not a problem The only downside is that it loads assets on every page, even where block is not used, but this can be solved. I’m asking the author to implement this – conditional loading only when the block is used. It’s simple, just register assets normally, and then enqueue them in “render_block”. That’s it. Thank you in advance!
14 نوامبر 2023
Fully integrated with Gutenberg, it’s really simple to setup and make great sliders. With no jQuery dependency, it is really lightweight (as far as a JS slider can be). Really recommend it.
20 اکتبر 2023
Great plugin, works right out of the box! I stuffed some rather complex nested GenerateBlocks containers in those slides and expected them to break, but it worked perfectly. The admin interface is still pretty basic, but it does the job. Also, there aren’t many options for style customizations, but that can easily be done with a little CSS. Much more important: It’s fast and works really well! Additional points for: no upsells, no nagging, no extra custom post type… Thanks for putting this out there!
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گزارش تغییرات


  • Add pauseOnMouseEnter


  • Duplicate slide bug


  • Resolve conflict with disableOnInteraction true when autoplay false


  • Fix shared options on multiple sliders


  • Multiple Sliders next/prev buttons bug Fixed
  • Added disableOnInteraction for autoplay


  • Thumbs bug


  • Revert: 1.1.4 as it breaks sites with custom swipers


  • Load assets only if block used


  • Fixed slides per view not allowing auto


  • Support custom thumbs, and if no custom thumb is provided, use the content of the current slide.


  • Added ability to remove Custom Slide Navigation Icons
  • Prev/Next slide buttons wrapped in a div + container


  • This was a big refactor, so bugs are expected, reach out to me with any issues
  • Refactor Class Based components to functional components
  • Fix slide reordering bug within the Document Overview (Left Sidebar)
  • Added support for Custom Thumbnails
  • Added support for Custom Slide Navigation Icons
  • Added 2 new slider styles (More details on Digital Apps Blog)


  • Add focal point controls to the image


  • no lodash
  • php 8.2 support


  • Slide Image as cover


  • Fix Vertical Orientation
  • Bundle Updated


  • Auto Height Fix
  • Add Direction Option (Horizontal, Vertical)
  • Sliders per view fix auto


  • Enable sticky mode
  • Introduce debugging tool


  • Fix free mode feature
  • Add bundle versioning


  • allow classes to be set from the editor


  • rename align classes


  • Fix align full, align wide


  • Added auto height and cross fade true when effect is set to fade


  • Added ability to enable Thumbs


  • Add ability to reorder slides by drag and drop via List View


  • Updated Swiper bundle


  • Removed jQuery as a dependency
  • Bullet type bug
  • Slider style bug
  • Updated Swiper bundle


  • Autoplay bug
  • Settings with integers bug


  • Breakpoints bug


  • Added support for responsive breakpoints


  • If slider pagination not enabled, explicitly set it to false to avoid side effects


  • Slides per view can be auto


  • Fix block validation error


  • Fix Vertical Align
  • Remove slider navigation SVGs
  • Deprecate Horizontal Align controls


  • Introduce MatrixAlign control
  • Fix Delay timer


Fixed a bug with release on edges, and mouse wheel events always set to true


  • Added clickable pagination


  • Added pagination type


  • Restore Mouse Wheel and RoE support


  • Avoid block validation error breaking the block


  • Added Mouse Wheel support
  • Added release on edges support


  • Added container width