Simple Admin Language Change


The lightweight plugin extends the default WordPress functionality (user settings in Profile) and pulls out the language selection to the admin bar so you can easily switch between them.

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عکس‌های صفحه

  • Changing languages and installing another language (French)



  1. Upload the plugin to your website or install via plugin management.
  2. Check whether the WooCommerce plugin is installed and active.
  3. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress administration
  4. (If you wish, go to the Settings and General to select different installed language instead of English)
  5. Done!

سوالات متداول

I want to swith to different language

You need to install the language first.

  1. Go to Settigngs -> General.
  2. Select the desired site language and hit save changes. The language gets installed.
  3. Change the site language back to the old value.
  4. Now you can switch in the dropdown.

نقد و بررسی‌ها

11 ژانویه 2024 1 پاسخ
I recently implemented the ‘Simple Admin Language Change’ plugin on my WordPress site, and I must say, it’s a game-changer for anyone managing a multilingual site. The ease of switching languages in the admin area, without affecting the frontend, is incredibly efficient. It seamlessly integrates with the existing WordPress setup, making the user experience for my team much smoother. As someone who has struggled with managing multiple languages on a single site, this plugin has simplified the process remarkably. It’s lightweight, unobtrusive, and does exactly what it promises without any unnecessary complexity. A must-have for WordPress site administrators handling multilingual content!
15 دسامبر 2023 1 پاسخ
Exactly what I was looking for: no more poorly translated plugins admin, I can now switch to English to avoid this and also mismatched half backed translation. I also like VERY much the fact you did not try to reinvent the wheel and simply use a feature already in profile, but making it easy to use and convenient (top bar). 5 stars well deserved.
6 اکتبر 2023 1 پاسخ
A simple yet very needed plugin in none English sites. Works perfectly and right to the point. Thank you.
26 سپتامبر 2023 2 پاسخ
Above the plugin’s title on, it says: “This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress.” —— I tested it, it works pretty well —— it is compatible with Wordpress 6.3.1 – It works as expected! it’s so useful Thank you
26 مارس 2023 1 پاسخ
Great plugin. Work as expected. No ads, no push to buy a pro version (there is none AFAIK).
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گزارش تغییرات

2.0.4 (2021-07-27)

  • Lower the permissions check – anybody with “read” permissions (e.g., subscriber) can change their locale with the dropdown when logged into the admin.
  • Hide the language switcher on the front end – the top admin bar is affected by site language, not the user’s choice (opened trac ticket for that)

2.0.3 (2021-05-08)

  • Replace textdomain kbnt-salc with simple-admin-language-change to make it work with GlotPress (more info)

2.0.2 (2021-05-03)

  • Fix security issues
    • Check for the empty nonce.
    • Escape translations.

2.0.1 (2021-05-03)

  • Fix security issues (thanks @ErwanLR from WPScan for reporting!)
    • Check for the empty nonce.
    • Check for user permission within ajax request.
    • Retrieve current user ID within the request.
  • Make error messages translatable.

2.0.0 (2021-05-02)

  • Drop the old functionality replaced by an integrated solution since WordPress 4.7
  • Add a simple select box into the admin bar instead.

1.0.2 (2018-02-25)

  • Fix: enable localization

1.0.1 (2018-02-18)

  • Fix: PHP 7 deprecated methods – compatibility (#1)

1.0.0 (2016-10-06)

  • Initial version