SMTP2GO for WordPress – Email Made Easy


SMTP2GO’s WordPress plugin replaces the default built in wp_mail() functionality (phpmailer) and sends your email via SMTP2GO’s API and industry leading email delivery platform.

SMTP2GO provides valuable insights into every aspect of your email’s life cycle, enabling you to track delivery rates, opens, clicks, and bounce rates. Whether your email is transactional, marketing, newsletter, contact form, or notification – we have got you covered.

The main benefits of using the official SMTP2GO plugin:

  • We have made our plugin as easy and low maintenance as possible – you can set it up in under ten minutes.
  • Take over from the default WordPress email system for more reliable delivery – you can be confident your emails have arrived at their destination inbox successfully.
  • Get access to our intuitive real-time reporting tools. You can uncover what is going on behind the scenes with delivery, open rates, click rates, bounce, and unsubscription reports.
  • We offer secure worldwide servers with intelligent routing for network redundancy and speedy delivery.
  • We handle SPF and DKIM on your behalf. SMTP2GO can even turn your “http” links into “https”.
  • Diagnose and resolve delivery issues with our insightful reporting page, or reach out to our award-winning support team who are available almost 24/7 to help address problems in a timely, friendly fashion.
  • We have a dedicated Review team who constantly monitor the reputations of our IP’s and we proactively alert members to any suspicious changes in their email regimen.
  • Avoid poor reputation and throttling or limitations from over-used shared web hosts and other providers.

Sign up here.


If you have questions or need assistance then feel free to contact the support team by logging into your SMTP2GO dashboard and clicking the support icon on the top right navigation bar.

More information on this plugin is available in our knowledgebase.

درباره SMTP2GO

Founded in 2006, SMTP2GO is a fast and scalable world class email service provider for sending transactional and marketing emails. It is developed and supported by a team of delivery experts at the forefront of the email industry, providing a reliable SMTP solution for over 35,000 businesses.

پیچیدگی هایی مانند نظارت بر شهرت، SPF و DKIM به صورت حرفه ای برای هر مشتری مدیریت می شود. پشتیبانی بومی-انگلیسی زبان در سراسر جهان در دسترس است (نمایندگان در ایالات متحده آمریکا، اتحادیه اروپا، انگلستان، استرالیا و نیوزیلند).

Our data centers are located around the world, meaning lightning-fast connection speeds, network redundancy, and GDPR compliance.


If you are not an existing customer, you will an SMTP2GO account – a free plan is available!


  1. روی برگه «افزونه‌ها» در داشبورد مدیریت وردپرس خود (wp-admin) کلیک کنید و «افزودن جدید» را انتخاب کنید.
  2. جستجو برای “ساختن آسان ایمیل” یا “SMTP2GO”.
  3. روی دکمه “اکنون نصب کنید” کلیک کنید.
  4. پس از نصب افزونه، روی “فعال‌کردن” کلیک کنید.


باید افزونه را فعال کنید و جزئیات مورد نیاز را در زبانه “تنظیمات” وارد کنید.

  1. Tick the checkbox labelled “Enable Email Made Easy by SMTPGO”.
  2. Enter your API Key which can be found in your SMTP2GO dashboard: “Sending > API Keys”.

    کلید API حداقل به مجوزهای زیر نیاز دارد:

  • ایمیل‌ها
  • آمار
  • دامنه‌های فرستنده
  1. آدرس ایمیل پیش‌فرض را وارد کنید.
  2. نام پیش‌فرض را تنظیم کنید.
  3. تنظیمات را با کلیک بر روی دکمه “ذخیره تنظیمات” در پایین ذخیره کنید.

    The default From Email Address and From Name will only be used if your other plugins don’t specify a sending email address.

می‌توانید سربرگ‌های سفارشی را به ایمیل‌های خود اضافه کنید، مانند سربرگ‌های برای ردیابی سفارشی با ابزارهای شخص ثالث مانند “X-Campaign”.

از برگه “آزمایش” می‌توان برای ارسال یک ایمیل آزمایشی استفاده کرد تا اطمینان حاصل شود که تنظیمات شما به درستی وارد شده است.

And that’s it! If any problem occurs, please contact us via the “Support” tab within the SMTP2GO app.

Advanced Setup:

  1. پوشه SMTP2GO را در پوشه wp-content/plugins خود کپی کنید.
  2. افزونه را از طریق برگه wp-admin “افزونه‌ها” فعال کنید.
  3. پس از فعال سازی موفقیت آمیز، افزونه SMTP2GO در منوی “تنظیمات” در پنل مدیریت وردپرس ظاهر می‌شود.
  4. برای باز کردن برگه پیکربندی افزونه، روی “تنظیمات > SMTP2GO” کلیک کنید.
  5. Retrieve a copy of your API key by going to the “Sending > API Keys” section of your SMTP2GO dashboard.
  6. کادر انتخاب «فعال سازی ساختن ایمیل با SMTPGO» را فعال کنید.
  7. افزودن یک نام فرستنده و ایمیل آدرس پیش‌فرض.

Note: The default From Email Address and From Name is only used if these are not specified by any other WordPress function or plugin that is trying to send an email.

سوالات متداول

آیا به یک حساب‌کاربری SMTP2GO نیاز دارم؟

Yes, the SMTP2GO WordPress plugin uses SMTP2GO’s API to deliver emails and get statistics. Creating an account on SMTP2GO quick and simple – sign up here.

Once logged into your account and you have completed the required setup steps, you can get an API Key (Sending > API Keys) which you’ll need to get the plugin up and running.

How much will it cost me?

SMTP2GO offers a free plan that includes 1,000 emails per month. You can use this for your WordPress site but also any other email and SMTP needs you have! One account can cover all your inbox delivery and SMTP needs.

For more email volume per month and fewer restrictions, you can easily upgrade to one of the many available plans to suit your sending needs. Paid plans start at $10 USD/month – check out our pricing here.

آیا می‌توانید در مورد سازگاری این افزونه به من بگویید؟

Sure can! We replace the default wp_mail so most other plugins that need to send email will be compatible.

We are always looking to improve, so if you do find any compatibility issues, please let us know.

ساختن آسان ایمیل برای لینوکس و سایر سیستم عامل‌های نوع یونیکس آزمایش شده است. ما استفاده از این افزونه را در سیستم‌های مبتنی بر Windows/IIS توصیه نمی‌کنیم زیرا در حال حاضر از این پلتفرم‌ها پشتیبانی نمی‌کنیم.

همچنین توصیه می کنیم وردپرس خود را به روز نگه دارید و فقط از جدیدترین نسخه وردپرس یا بیش از یک نسخه اصلی استفاده نکنید.

من می‌توانم پشتیبانی دریافت کنم؟

Absolutely! The SMTP2GO support team has agents located in the US, EU, UK, and the Pacific to cover all time zones providing assistance when you need it most. If you have questions or need help then feel free to contact the support team by logging into your SMTP2GO dashboard and clicking on the support icon on the top-right. We can be reached by instant message, ticket, or phone.

چگونه از رفتن ایمیل به پوشه هرزنامه یا ناخواسته جلوگیری کنم؟

  1. Check that your domain names are fully verified in the “Sending > Verified Sender” section of your SMTP2GO account.

  2. Make sure your domain has a great reputation and isn’t listed on any blacklists. A good place to start checking is MXToolbox.

  3. Think about your email content and subject line to avoid words and phrases that could trigger a spam filter.

If you’re needing extra help, our support team has lots of tips and tricks to help you out. You can find the support tab in your SMTP2GO dashboard.

نقد و بررسی‌ها

12 ژانویه 2024
I've tried a number of SMTP tools for transactional emails for various sites I have built. SMTP2Go is by far the easiest to set up. I had some issues with one site and their tech support team responded quickly and solved the problem in 5 minutes. There is no waiting for "approval," no credit cards required for the free account, and setting up CNAME records is a snap. I won't go back to any other SMTP plugin. Thank you!
4 دسامبر 2023
WOW! After spending a ridiculous amount of my time, and with the help of my webhosts, I couldn't get another SMTP plugin to work. Zero Support from them. This took 10 minutes total time and delivered a test email. Fantastic. Thank you for this wonderful service.
21 نوامبر 2023
If you want to be sure all emails are correctly delivered. All mails send from WP or any form is send throught SMTP2GO, simple installation with an API-key. Clear logs. I love it for years.
25 سپتامبر 2023
This is the only plug-in I use to ensure my clients' contact form form emails reliably get from their website to their inbox. Works as advertised, never any issues!
20 سپتامبر 2023
I always chose to use SMTP for my client websites, as i find it provides a much more reliable and secure way for customers to interact with my clients. I've used a variety of SMTP methods over the years, but none of them have been as easy to manage, maintain and install as SMTP2GO. Their system is fantastic, and extremely affordable even for small agencies. It's really easy to install the plugin, generate an API key and test the configuration. With additional options in the SMTP interface to set-up authorised domains. High reccommend using! Unless something changes, i'll be using this for a long time.
12 جولای 2023
So easy to use. I see no reason to use a paid solution from WP SMTP
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Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.

گزارش تغییرات


fix get_plugins getting called when not available


add checking and warning for conflicting plugins


admin and readme text correction


bring back PHP 7.4 compatability


require PHP 8.1


use new smtp2go composer package with retry feature


readme updated

test on WordPress 6.3

rename smtp2go dir to app for FlyWheel compatability


drop testing / supporting PHP 7.2


ensure phpmailer is set to use the ‘mail’ mailer


tested on WordPress 6.2


missed moving the tested up to version number with Readme update


  • remove sender domains fn
  • upgrade smtp2go-oss/smtp2go-php to 1.1.2


تست شده بر روی وردپرس 6.1


handle php 8.1 PHP Deprecated notices


default SMTP2GO API send call to version 2 structure


  • به روز رسانی smtp2go-oss/smtp2go-php handle duplicate reply-to headers


  • تست شده بر روی وردپرس 6.0


  • fix for inline attachment handling


  • تست شده بر روی وردپرس 5.9


  • API call for stats pulls detail for specific key / user


  • به‌روز رسانی چیدمان افزونه


  • PHP 7.2 compatability


  • user php-scoper to avoid potential conflicts
  • fix issue with header handling
  • مدیریت خطاهای اضافی در راه اندازی ایمیل آزمایشی ادمین


  • use composer package for API integration
  • fix sender domain validation check


  • add sender domain verification tab
  • add uninstaller / clean up database


  • check the enable/disable flag, plugin wasn’t honouring the flag and sending out via API regardless


  • HTML email handling issue
  • check variable for type instead of type hint


  • support GravityForms multiple email recipients
  • handle plugin conflicts when admin sends a test email


  • initMailer returns args for wp_mailer


  • codebase updated, no longer override wp_mail, remove BC
  • updated unit tests
  • admin email test send updated


  • revert depreciated mailer handling while we figure out how / if to implement backwards compatibility


  • update Deprecated: class-phpmailer.php handling


  • handle Deprecated: class-phpmailer.php is deprecated
  • handle php var not defined error


  • hide API key in admin
  • don’t pass empty BCC string to API call
  • به‌روز رسانی متن
  • تست شده بر روی وردپرس 5.5.1


  • set from address from parsed headers if present / if other plugins are injecting headers like this


  • Honor wp_mail_from and wp_mail_from_name filters
  • تست با 5.5


  • Allow extra characters into Sender Name, quote field through send process